Sunday, March 20, 2011

Metro Lucena, SM, National Bookstore, Gossip Girl.

I blogged earlier about my allergy but all that had been taken away when my dad called me at 5 this afternoon. Then, I dressed fast because I'm off to Western Union! haha. You know what I mean. Anyway, after that my mom and my brothers: Jm and Daniel and I went to eat to one of my favorite restaurants, Mang Inasal! Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Weeeee! After a pleasurable eat, Jm and I decided to go to SM because I wanna buy THE LOST HERO. Yes, Rick Riordan's first book in his new series, "The Heroes of Olympus". While on our way to Sm, we ate fried ice cream. Yummy treat (that's why my throat is aching once again.) Then we went home and here I am tonight, gushing about my new book and watching Gossip Girl. I witnessed how sweet Blair and Chuck was but sorry, I turned my back on them and decided DAN and BLAIR is better. I mean, opposites do attract. And they're the perfect opposites.

"For crying out loud, Humphrey."

I've already watched episode 17 even before I watched the earlier episodes. And I loved them! Awww! We'll see if their loveteam would work out. But that's not until April 18 *sad face* Well then, goodnight folks! I certainly love this series. DAIR all the way. hahaha

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