Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's your choice?

My co-ESEP, Erole, posted this on our Groups...
"LOVE is somehow making choices. It's either choosing happiness for other's pain, or choosing pain for other's happiness. What's your choice?"
Well, I chose "choosing pain for other's happiness". Why? Maybe because of experience. You fall in love with someone. You think he likes you because of his unexplained action. But in the end, you were dead wrong. Instead of making all your best to get that person to like you, you give up all the hopes and tries because he likes someone else. And instead of creating distress for the both of them, you chose to give way and accept all the pain to make them happy.

And in anyway, one day you'll realize you made the right choice because you found yourself someone better.

If you'll be answering that question, what's your choice?

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