Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's your choice?

My co-ESEP, Erole, posted this on our Groups...
"LOVE is somehow making choices. It's either choosing happiness for other's pain, or choosing pain for other's happiness. What's your choice?"
Well, I chose "choosing pain for other's happiness". Why? Maybe because of experience. You fall in love with someone. You think he likes you because of his unexplained action. But in the end, you were dead wrong. Instead of making all your best to get that person to like you, you give up all the hopes and tries because he likes someone else. And instead of creating distress for the both of them, you chose to give way and accept all the pain to make them happy.

And in anyway, one day you'll realize you made the right choice because you found yourself someone better.

If you'll be answering that question, what's your choice?

Semi-happy, semi-sad

Our teacher finally announced the still random but included in the top 15 of our class. Sadly, I'm not one of them. But at least, I had something to prove for myself. I am rank 1 in the co-curricular activities and rank 25 academically. Maybe, if I am rank 20 in academics, I would've made it. Still, there's still 3rd and 4th year. I know I still have chances.

On a lighter note, I'm happy for my friend Jueann for being included in the top 15. You know I"m super proud for you! And to Adrian, who would've made it but he's got little co-curs. And Jazz, i know you can do it next year. Don't ever feel sorry for yourself.

To B'anne, you know I soooo love you! You are my bestfriend since first year and we shared so much in the past up to now. No matter what happens, you know that I'll always be here for you. And we'll always share the books we love. You're one of the few persons who started me in reading and I wouldn't forget that. I hope so much that you're not one of the students who'll fall back. But if you do, you can always call US and we'll always run to you. Love you, Beyy!

Btw, cogratulations to those who made it :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Reason Why

If you'd ask ten high school girls if they have boyfriends, 9 out of 10 would probably say yes. Most teens today rush in to relationships. Some of them really know what they are doing and what they want to. Most of them, just wanna flirt around and have boyfriends/relationship like they are trophies to be proud of. Well, I wanna share this song to them:

The Reason Why by The Click Five depicts the main cause of teens falling in love:
"There's a reason why they say that we should give it time. But time is not enough and that's the reason why when we're young we fall in love."
Everytime we rush in to something in life, we loose the things we are supposed to do. We often forget the value of being patient and having perseverance. Most people learn how to cheat and lie. But the worst part of young love probably is when they think that what they have is real, it turns out to be wrong and fake. Why? Because they believe too much in 'happy endings' and 'forevers' even though they know that it does not exist. They say too much promises and act as if they could really do it but then in the end, it's broken and hearts fall.

So, I think teens shouldn't rush into love. If they have boyfriends/girlfriends, they should try to not take it too seriously unless they've proven enough to mean it's really true. Love can wait and that's the saying we should hold on to.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I dreaded going to school this afternoon. There's not much to do and all we do is sit in our classroom or in the corridor. Blab all afternoon. Read our books. Blab. Ask our teacher on until when we need to go to school. And once again, blab. But this afternoon is way colorful than all the afternoons in the world.

I was there, leaning against a post and having an animated chat with my bestfriend. Well, I'm always animated and I keep laughing and I always look excited about something when I talk with her. It's our everyday drama, anyway.

And there on the next post is someone I've been dying hard to see since morning! We're only a few meters away and he too was leaning against the post, talking and playing around with his friends.

I keep talking and laughing with my bestfriend but of course, my eyes would dart back to him every minute and I was this shallow person who would melt because of his smile. hahaha. It lasted for I think 30 minutes before they went home and really, it completed my day.

Now, I don't care if he doesn't notice me or even take a look at me. All I know is, I'm happy seeing that individual every single day and I'm gonna enjoy that chance until before summer vacation starts :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet my new friend, Elbie ♥

We had demo-teaching earlier this morning for a new teacher. Our topic was about plant and animal cells. We've been assigned a group activity to make a model of either the plant cell or animal cell by using our favorite material ever: CLAYS!!! (unfortunately, i don't have any picture  of the activity) But anyway, while the other groups are discussing the activity in front, I'm molding clays on my seat. hahaha!

Meet my new friend, ELBIE! (quality sucks, sorry! it's through my webcam lang eh)
I first named him after my crush. hahaha. But then it will be too obvious, so I just named him Elbie, which is after his name parin. I just made it shorter.
Actually, the structure is after him too. Only, it's not the complete structure. Bits of it. Like the hair that's always striking up. Plus, my favorite part of him: his smile. haha (kire lang eh?)
Nevertheless, i really like him  as a new display in my top shelf in my room. I heart you Elbie!

Happy Birthday CZAM! x

I just wanna greet my friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday, Czarina Baustista! She's been my classmate since preschool (except 1st grade and 1st year).
Love ya girl! x Hope you had a happy day yesterday even though it's brownout (let's kill Meralco) and always enjoy the coming days in your life <3

P.S. I also hope that you'll have a happy love life someday. Wag lang muna ngayong high school. haha

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thanks to jiggy cruz who tweeted about Sucker Punch, I had the urge to watch it's trailer. I'ts freaking awesome!

What is Sucker Punch? (in case you don't know)
Sucker Punch is a 2011 American action-fantasy film written by Steve Shibuya and Zack Snyder, and directed by Snyder. Sucker Punch features an ensemble female cast[3]comprising Emily BrowningAbbie CornishJena MaloneVanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung. The film follows a young woman in the 1960s about to be lobotomized as she attempts to escape an asylum with her inmate friends.
It's March 25 actually when I watched it's trailer. That's the day when it hits theatres and my brother's birthday. Anyway, I've been dying to watch it since yesterday. But apparently, I've already spent my money on a book. So, I have to wait until the 31st of March or the 1st of April to watch it. I do hope it's still showing.

Why watch it?

Even though I've heard some snide comments and pretty unwise criticism, I've heard more enthusiastic phrases that made me even more excited to catch it on cinemas. Anyway, reasons:
  1. Because Baby Doll is Emily Browning. I saw her in The Uninvited and I think she's a pretty good young actress.
  2. Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) is very pretty!
  3. I love adventurous movies and they're all girls (i do hope there are no lesbian scenes, that would really suck)
  4. There are five materials they need to find, the four were already given and they have to figure out the fifth... my brain would really work and I love movies that make me think.
  5. Lastly, most movies are book adaptations, it will be a nice segway to watch an original story.
My brother is interested with the movie too. So I guess I already have company. I do hope it will be worth the watch and Sucker Punch must not, well, suck.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Right Here, Right Now

Honestly, it took me a long time before I get to like High School Musical. I'm such a major hater of the show because Zac Efron doesn't actually sing. Whatever. But apparently, I came to like it.

Why "Right Here, Right Now"?

Hmmmm? Let's see. The song is about couples, promises and relationship. And I have no boyfriend (not even one since I was born). It's weird to like songs like this for a single person. Nevertheless, i think that maybe if one day I will have the chance to have a boyfriend, I would choose this song to be our theme song. It's not like other songs that keep blabbing about loving someone forever. It's about staying the same when you still have each other. That someone shouldn't be afraid to express what he/she feels as long as fate is giving you chances. And besides, this song has a deeper meaning than the other HSM song. Really perfect.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Honestly, I thought The Ready Set is a band, but ha! It's the stage name of the singer, Jordan Witzigreuter. Like Adam Young, his stage name is Owl City. hahaha. Anyways, LOVE LIKE WOE is awesome. I love the intro.
When I heard this song, I didn't pay it much attention because I'm kinda addicted with Katy's ET. Apparently, my friend Rommiel posted this song in Facebook and I listened to it once again. Then whoa, LSS. Plus, Jordan is friggin cute!
Next songs to listen to:
Young Forever
More Than Alive

"At one point, we all have to move on."

Life always surprise you. That's never an issue.
Of course, "in between" stories spook me. I mean, I know souls travel through memories before they see the light. Well, at least I believe them. Charlie St. Cloud on the other hand didn't spook me unlike Lovely Bones. It's heartbreaking to see the main protagonist, Charlie, hold on to his deal with his dead brother, Sam for five years. It took him that long before he move on. What's really amazing is, he found the courage to move on through Tess-- who happens to be a soul he saw and needs a rescue for being trapped in a cape.
He gave up sailing and his scholarship in Stanford because, instead, he worked in the cemetery for his brother. But as what Tess said, "At one point, we all have to move on." And that's what he exactly did, he took the courage to sail to Cape Flattery and there, he found Tess' body. Luckily, she's still alive. After they've both recovered, they decided to continue the race and sail around the world :)
"Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, and live by love though the stars walk backward" -- E.E. Cummings
It's all about taking chances. We shouldn't be afraid to grab one.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"You are not what i thought you were."

I've been noticing lately that when everytime I'm online in Facebook and he's online too, and when he saw that I'm online.. he would offline a few minutes after maybe he saw me. I don't know if it's coincidence but it's been bugging me ever since he knew about me. >:|

That's why this song is for you:
Sometimes I'm thinking that maybe I was wrong with my perception about you. That you just wouldn't care even though you knew that I like you. You know, you wouldn't care but at least, you wouldn't ignore.

"People are looking up to you... don't let them down." But apparently, you let me down.

Pretend You Don't See Her by Mary Higgins Clark.

Remember my blog weeks ago? The one titled: I wanna have you, Clark! I finally read that book! Pretend You Don't See Her is a must-read. There will never be a denial that Mary Higgins Clark is the Queen Of Suspense. It will be very rare to have right guesses on who is the real mastermind of a crime or who is the murderer in her story. She can craft super exploiting twists and can make you think every possibility in this world.
I remember once in my conversation with Lea that I really love books that make me think. Number one on the list is Clark's book. And I swear that I have a long list of her novels to read more in the near future. I truly am addicted.


"Funny how a piece of mentos made my day."

Luckily, I'd been able to go to school after my flu yesterday. Though, my throat is still itchy and I'm kinda "deaf" because of my colds.

Back to the story. Earlier this morning, I was buying 'Monay init with cheese and extra hotdog' in our canteen. HE is there! (kilig much?!) Anyhow, we're in line and I'm two people away from him. I have a piece left of mentos in my pocket and offered it to one of my friends near me, he refused. Then, I offered it to my other friend which happens to be his friend also. He accepted it and I thought he's gonna eat it. But then, he suddenly gave it to him and I'm like, "Oh my gosh, NOOOOOO!" Unfortunately, my effort is worthless. What surprised me is, my friend (the one whom I offered it first) said that he accepted it and put it in his pocket. Crazy, you may think I am but suddenly there are butterflies in my stomach. Shallow! hahaha.

That afternoon, my bestfriend Aline told me: "Parang napakasaya mo naman ata ngayong araw na 'to." And I said, "Alam mo naman kung bakit ah."

Typical happiness of someone under the spell of a schoolgirl's crush. I just hope that I wouldn't make a fool out of myself.

Throw away the worries, I'm really happy today and no one can change that. Now playing: FEARLESS x

E.T. by Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

"Boy, you're an alien. You're touch so foreign. It's supernatural. Extra-Terrestrial!"

Katy Perry is one of my favorite artists and no matter what others say about this song, I LOVE IT! Yay!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dare to DAIR.

"Ever hang out with someone without even telling anyone?" 

Let's talk about Blair Waldorf, Manhattan's elite and a fashionista. And of course, Daniel Humphrey.. our Lonely Boy. They started their "friendship" when they're trying to locate Juliet Sharp's whereabouts. After those times, we can notice that they have been together. Say for example, their internship at W Magazine. They're like cats and dogs fighting off each other. But boohoo, as the show walks through.. we can see them being 'nice' with each other.
Thanks to you, Lonely Boy.. Blair forgot her heartbreak because of Chuck for awhile for watching "the perfect anti-Valentine movie", Rosemary's Baby. So, I see you are on each end of the line while watching it. hahaha. (kilig much?!)
Blair, becoming the new Epperly is experiencing all her pressure in work. Dan helped her yet she quited her job. Wanna know why she's here? Thanks to Dan, she had the nicest blog that day.
"I have been fired/quit my job. I failed a test and here I am in Brooklyn talking about it with Dan Humphrey."
They had pizza and watched another movie and oh, fell asleep beside each other. Sweet! The next day, you can see how contented Blair is but she keeps on ranting about her and Chuck being together one day when I think she had it wrong. hahaha. Dorota had her speculations that Blair is having an affair with Lonely Boy. Of course, she said no. Dan, meanwhile is having this talk with his Dad. And his father said that maybe there is something more that's why they're not telling it to others.
They've decided to tell everyone but it seems like "Maybe, the world isn't ready for the Humphrey-Waldorf friendship." They went their separate ways but I guess, Dan is still confused. He arrived at Blair's house that night after the party. Talk about walking around the city when you live in Brooklyn? And we all heard Gossip Girl state this:
What if Dorota and his father is right? What if there's something more? Uh-oh. The only solution is "One kiss and that's that." Seconds passed. Hesitation and POOM!: "For crying out loud, Humphrey!"
And that's where it ended. We'll have to wait for April 18 to see if they would be together. If you wanna see its preview, visit CW's Website. Credits also to them for the pictures!

Lovin more of Gossip Girl. Yay! She should keep me posted.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Metro Lucena, SM, National Bookstore, Gossip Girl.

I blogged earlier about my allergy but all that had been taken away when my dad called me at 5 this afternoon. Then, I dressed fast because I'm off to Western Union! haha. You know what I mean. Anyway, after that my mom and my brothers: Jm and Daniel and I went to eat to one of my favorite restaurants, Mang Inasal! Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Weeeee! After a pleasurable eat, Jm and I decided to go to SM because I wanna buy THE LOST HERO. Yes, Rick Riordan's first book in his new series, "The Heroes of Olympus". While on our way to Sm, we ate fried ice cream. Yummy treat (that's why my throat is aching once again.) Then we went home and here I am tonight, gushing about my new book and watching Gossip Girl. I witnessed how sweet Blair and Chuck was but sorry, I turned my back on them and decided DAN and BLAIR is better. I mean, opposites do attract. And they're the perfect opposites.

"For crying out loud, Humphrey."

I've already watched episode 17 even before I watched the earlier episodes. And I loved them! Awww! We'll see if their loveteam would work out. But that's not until April 18 *sad face* Well then, goodnight folks! I certainly love this series. DAIR all the way. hahaha

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Harry Potter Part 2 Behind The Scenes.

As promised, ABC's official preview of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Behind the Scenes. I've never been more excited for July 16 to come already :)

Sneezy Days.

Every month I experience my allergy. I don't know what it's called because I'm not the one who visit hospitals even once in a year. Guess I'm afraid with the facility. Anyway, because of my allergy, I experience: sneezing, colds, runny nose, itchy nose, clogged nose, throat ache, headache and a very heavy feeling :( It's Sunday today and I'm afraid I would endure this for the whole week. Plus, school is often full of dust that will trigger it even more. I just hope Neozep will help me *fingers crossed*

Friday, March 18, 2011

HARRY POTTER 7 Part 2 Behind The Scenes Preview.

This completed my day. I was scheming through some videos in Youtube and I found ClevverMovies' post about Harry Potter's first look on Behind the Scenes. It's not the actual behind the scenes but they have this link on its Facebook page: CLICK HERE *pretty eyes*

Apparently, I haven't found an official Youtube video so I won't be able to post anything. Let's just way for some other time, though.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Growing up :)

I watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1 yesterday once again and because of that, I became super addicted. That always happens to me whenever I watch a single movie of the series. Now, I'm waiting for something to finish loading when I skimmed thru these pictures:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:
Finally, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
The three of them grew up together and became more handsome and beautiful each day. I should say, Emma Watson has transformed into a really gorgeous girl and I consider her one of the best faces of the entertainment industry. Rupert Grint, though not the heartthrob type is my Harry Potter crush. I don't know why but, there's something innocent about his face that drew me in. hahaha. While, our main protagonist, Daniel Radcliffe who's soooooo cute when he was younger has turned into a really different man that looks very responsible and definite, yet, he still has that cuteness he had when he I first saw him in Sorcerer's Stone.
And this one's from Tumblr:
Seeing them wise and responsible, I feel like I'm one of them. From that child with shallow dreams through their eyes to being a gangly teenager and now, to being a GROWN UP person who can contribute so much into this world. That's why I'm proud to say that I am and will always be one of those Harry Potter babies who never loose faith in anything and like Gryffindor, keeping the courage and bravery to live up to other's expectation.

Drama much?! Nope. INSPIRED MUCH :)

--credits to picture owners.

The Hitchhiker

I've finished this book maybe a week ago. Coz now, I'm almost finished with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. But anyway, i haven't forgot to have a review about it.

The book is of course, about a hitchhiker who wants to get away from Key West, Florida to anywhere he could go. At first I thought he is the killer, but it so happens that it's the girl he met and driven with on his second attempt to hitchhike. I liked the book even though it is only composed of 160 plus pages. This one is kind of creepy because of the way of killings. Whew! There are piranhas and I can almost imagine what is happening especially when he describes the way it "sounds like crunching bones" and "the color of the water turned red." That gave me creeps. I was reading it one o'clock in the morning so maybe that's why I keep shuddering at the thoughts of it. But all in all, I liked it's story. Nice job, RL!

GLEE videos. Imma love 'em all!

Get It Right. This song made me cry yesterday :)) I keep saying "IN YOUR FACE, FINN!" ha!

And of course, my favorite: LOSER LIKE ME. Watch this one and get 'slushed'.

Well, who didn't love GLEE yesterday? You would be stupid if you don't. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just proud for GLEE :)

Just finished watching GLEE and I was really touched. Why? I've got 16 reasons for you since it's their 16th episode.

  1. Opening song, Misery is the best. You, rock, Dalton Warblers.
  2. Well, Quinn is being bitchy but at least, she helped Rachel have the will to write the best song I've heard, Get It Right.
  3. Pavarotti died. Kurt sang a solo. Been a long time.
  4. Kurt and Blaine kissed. I was shocked but I liked it. Sexy! haha
  5. Hell to the No! I missed Mercedes.
  6. World War Sue. Sue's kinda blew off. haha
  7. Finn somehow realizes things when it comes to Rachel.
  8. Brittana. Uh, I just hope it won't happen. They're both separately beautiful girls, it'll be a shame if they became lesbian. Especially, Santana.
  9. Dalton Warbler's Raise Your Glass rocked my world today. AWESOME. Candles is an emotional song but i loved it. Finn and Rachel's eyes locked. Ha!
  10. New Directions got VANS as their footwear. AWESOME!
  11. Quinn's getting queasy because Finn keeps on staring at Rachel.
  12. Rachel finally expresses her true feeling and Get It Right made me cry.
  13. People realize that their personality is much like Rachel's.
  14. LOSER LIKE ME is the best! Loved that SLUSHIE cart wheeled in by Mike. And I actually laughed because of Sue's face in the line, "All of the dirt you've been throwing away, it ain't so hard to take. That's right!"
  15. They won and headed off to NYC for Nationals. Cool!
  16. Rachel's MVP and wooooot, GROUP HUG! Awww.
GLEE won't be back until April 12. *sad face* Anyway, we have to give them plenty of times to shoot and write more songs. I super loved GLEE episode and this was the first time I cried while watching the show. Big impact.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CLEVVER..Tsssss :|

I saw Beastly's trailer for maybe 2 weeks ago. But I just noticed yesterday that the showing date in ClevverTv's description box is July 30, 2010. I was shocked because what I know is, it will be on cinemas July 2011.
Of course, I would RESEARCH about that. I wanna watch the movie because it was my birth month and I like Alex Petyffer (it's a shame I haven't watched I Am Number Four). Thanks to IMDB, my mind cleared up.
So, it just sums up that maybe the movie will be in theatres, July 30th here in the Philippines. And maybe, ClevverTv has just got a typographical error. But hey, they should be aware about that. They can mess up a lot of things because of a simple mistake.


It was my first time to watch Azkal's game this afternoon. Well, the fool I am! I thought they were playing soccer and I keep saying, "Akala ko ba, football team sila? Eh bakit soccer nilalaro nila?" hahaha. Then, I researched about it and discovered that there are two types of football pala. One is played with the round ball and the other, the oval ball which is played in America. Anyway, i really loved AZKALS! Weeee.
I thought their gonna lose because it's 2-1 but then, the announcer said that even if Mongolia scored, the Philippine team will still win because it's 3-2 in the aggregated score. So, I don't loose much hope :) The game ended and they'll be competing with Myanmar next! Cool! Bad new is, Phil Younghusband is injured... I still hope that he would recover soon and fight with the rest of the team in their upcoming game. Filipino pride! Go AZKALS! I'll be supporting you more and more.

Why i'm desperate to study SCREENSHOT :)

It's a very rare opportunity to be followed by someone you really idolize or like. I'm glad enough to have been followed by one of my Fil-Am crushes, CHARLIE GREEN <3 This is why I'm desperate enough... to treasure something worth remembering. hahaha (shallow ko)

Charlie Green actually is Half-Filipino, Half-English. He often sings classic songs and a big hit in England. I first saw him in ASAP when I was grade 6 and since then, i had a crush on him. He's just a kid in this picture, though.
And now, he's sooooo gwapo! :)
I'm hoping that one day I could meet him in personal, but he's too far away! Anyway, I loved his song with Sarah Geronimo, EWAN.
Well, I'm hoping so much too that his account, @charliegreen is not a poser one. Please! *pretty eyes*. I love you so much, Charlie Green and I'm looking forward to your new album.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rebecca Black's Friday: WORST SONG! >:|

Well, who wouldn't pay attention in Twitter's Trending Topic. When everyone is buzzing about this Rebecca Black, I opened the tweets about her then I saw that she's the artist of the song, Friday. When I heard it, you can see how sour my face is. Plus, my brother ran up to my room because he can here it and he too, made a sour face.
I mean, i know she's talking about teen party or whatever she wants to do but the song actually made little sense at all. All I can understand is she's talking about the days of a week. Plus, she's the most gruesome Indian-looking girl I ever met. Indians are beautiful and goddess-like but her face! Oh look at that mole she has. Look closely.
Well, I searched about this girl and found out that:
"Eighth grader Rebecca Black Beiber-esque rise to fame over the weekend is giving Tsunami and Jeff Hardy tough competition on Twitter Trends."
Most people consider her song the worst song ever and I think, THEY ARE RIGHT ABOUT THAT.  I mean, WHAT THE HELL? I'm not a Bieber die-hard fan but at least I know that she's never comparable to Justin Bieber unless she has a debut single as good as ONE TIME.
So, If I've got one thing to say to you: GET LOST and go back to your school and have a party of yourself and recite the seven days of a week.


The complete version of our SHORT VERSION performance with the Quezon Delegates cheering! Yay! I'M SO PROUD! <3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

STCAA 2011 Quezon Performance :)

I'm so proud to be a QUEZONIAN! Short Version, my favorite! <3


It was already dark when the program ended. We are so noisy all the way to the main gate. There are plenty of tiangge in our school since it's STCAA though I didn't buy anything yet. T-shirts! I always love them! I'm hoping to buy one :)

I was going to take a picture of that food stand but instead, I captured the dancers. Sorry!
Stolen picture of Jueann. Jana, meanwhile is experiencing her aftershock because Jueann accidentally shouted, "Jana Barrrrr...." (sorry, I can't continue the surname. haha) while he is in front of us. Jana hopes though that he didn't hear it.
Jueann and Me while waiting for Jazz and Adrian aka Bossing.
Finally! We found them! These are my ultimate Super Friends Gang. They are my all-time companies in school and I enjoy my day with them. (Adrian is not included in the picture because he said, "wala ako sa mood magpapicture ngayon." blah blah blah. hahaha! Next time he should take one with us!)
And that's how we ended our unforgettable day :) Hoping so much for bigger events in the coming future. Ahhh! I'll surely miss our practice times especially the SHORT VERSION part. Specifically, the WAVE part. haha <3 March 13, 2011

CSA on SPEECH times :D

During the vacant times that I could steal, I took pictures of my classmates including me. Yay!
Hindi nakasama si Mark Roe. Tampo tuloy siya! Oh eto!
Once again, CSA with me :)
I was about to take picture of those up above but apparently, they're not looking.
Paui's stolen photo :D
With Ana Grace.
And that was me yesterday. It was the first time my curls stayed for long hours.

Another Cinderella Story :)

Another Cinderella Story probably is my favorite "come-to-life" fairytale.
It was a remake of our favorite fairytale story, Cinderella. Though, it is not the glass slipper that is missing but a Zune. And to be able to recognize who the girl is, she has to know how to dance the Valentine Tango. Because of this movie, I discovered how talented Selena Gomez is. She can sing, dance complicated movements and even skateboard. I love her!

And their loveteam is so sweet even though Selena at this time is 15 and Drew is 25. I loved the acoustic version of New Classic very much than the original pop version.

You may think It's a waste of electricity but I'm watching it once again right now. It teaches me plenty of things, you know:

1) Plenty of people doesn't want to believe in destiny but they enjoy watching movies with those kinds of theme.
2) Trust yourself.
3) That no matter how much you look down on yourself, there is always someone out there who considers you as someone special that makes his/her day COMPLETE and MEANINGFUL with you being oblivious about it.