Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet my new friend, Elbie ♥

We had demo-teaching earlier this morning for a new teacher. Our topic was about plant and animal cells. We've been assigned a group activity to make a model of either the plant cell or animal cell by using our favorite material ever: CLAYS!!! (unfortunately, i don't have any picture  of the activity) But anyway, while the other groups are discussing the activity in front, I'm molding clays on my seat. hahaha!

Meet my new friend, ELBIE! (quality sucks, sorry! it's through my webcam lang eh)
I first named him after my crush. hahaha. But then it will be too obvious, so I just named him Elbie, which is after his name parin. I just made it shorter.
Actually, the structure is after him too. Only, it's not the complete structure. Bits of it. Like the hair that's always striking up. Plus, my favorite part of him: his smile. haha (kire lang eh?)
Nevertheless, i really like him  as a new display in my top shelf in my room. I heart you Elbie!

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