Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Review: Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

When I saw this book in National Bookstore, I never intended to buy it because I've got no idea on what is inside Egyptian Myth. I thought I'll never get a chance to encounter this book but apparently, Aline bought a copy in Power Books when she was in Manila last summer. I was totally shocked since she VERY rarely read books and last time I checked, it was Wayside School Is Falling Down. But she finished the book anyway and it's good news :D

The book was very fun and light to read. I don't have to rack my brain so hard to imagine the faces of the monsters or what's really happening. The literary style was very impressive as well since Rick used the "recording" type of narration. One fascinating thing also is whenever they're going outside America that makes their adventure even challenging.  I especially loved the Duat. wooooooot.

Carter Kane
Carter is most likely good in combat magic and Egyptian history because he's always with his dad (an archaeologist) who travels around the world to search for fossils. I like his character because he builds his own strategy and he's always present to protect the people around him, like Percy :)

Sadie Kane
Sadie, though a rebel and kind-of gothic girl is very witty and brave (unlike Piper in The Heroes of Olympus) She's like the Egyptian version of Annabeth. Pretty cool.

Even if there are some parts similar to Percy Jackson, I'm still awed and amazed with this book. You should start reading it. Book 2: Throne of Fire is already out on bookstores while the third book will be released next year. If you're lucky enough to even find the locker where they've hidden the amulet.. well, you're not lucky at all. haha!

“Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need. And the only way to get what you need is to make it happen yourself.” -Julius Kane

“Each morning begins not just a new day but a new world”

And the best quote of all:
“I suppose with so many things suddenly getting better, the things that were still missing hurt even worse.” -Carter Kane

Song of the Day: California King Bed

I dunno why but I'm totally moved by this song. It's about missing someone so much and I feel like missing someone but I can't decipher who's that. I actually heard this last summer at Aline's computer but I wasn't that carried away. Maybe I feel incomplete these days, that's why. Dunno. California King Bed is a very nice, full of sense song that's why it's so lovable. I mostly fall in love with Rihanna's song: Umbrella, Take A Bow and Hate That I love You. I can feel it. Ayan, LSS tuloy :p

“So confused wanna ask you if you love me but I don't wanna seem so weak.”

Friday, June 24, 2011

WeirdZards Baby!

This actually happened a few weeks ago. Our teacher in English made each group do a movie poster which will also be our group name for the entire quarter. We were supposed to take up the whole hour of the subject but we didn't finish so it's due next Monday. Yay! Apparently, the next day we have a general cleaning so we decided to just finish our poster after the clean-up.

Lianne showing us our half-finished work :) She's the one who thought of our movie/group name.
Okay, so I'm not really good in coloring that's why I'm not trying to help them. As bad as this may sound, I really suck at it. Instead, the task given to me was to write the story of our movie.

Hendrix (our leader, the one wearing green) drew all the animations of our poster. He's one of the good artists in our class.

What is WeirdZards? Actually, when we decided to take up that name we're not thinking about how will we construct the story. It's more on how we can do the work perfectly. As we try to progress on it, I realized that WeirdZards for me doesn't only state the story but also on how we look up to ourselves. We're not a strong group and we're not the weakest either but no matter how different we may seem, we can still bring out the best part of us.

Our yell goes like this:
We're magical in our way cause we weird born this way. We're on the right track baby we weird born this way.  :))
That was me trying to help in coloring. Yung black lang nomon!

And the finished product!!!

Larger view :))

We have no idea what our grade was but I'm pretty sure it's positive. Just this morning, we won the group contest and got 89 for recitation. I feel quite bad because I didn't answer mine correctly when it was my turn. I promise I'll be good next time :)

Photos courtesy of Jana Avengoza.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Potter fans have been routing for this for... how long was that? I feel bad about myself discovering Pottermore 40 minutes before JK Rowling's announcement. But anyways, I'm still a big fan :)

Pottermore is an exclusive website with a number of features which also includes e-books. She also said that she'll unveil Harry Potter secrets that she's been keeping for years. Pretty exciting, huh?

The site will be fully open on October but the first million fans will be able to pre-register on July 31st (Harry's birthday). I keep hitting the "Submit your email" button but nothing else happens so I think I'll try tomorrow or the other day or the day after that until I get it right. Yay! Yes, I'm a die-hard.

Song of the Day: The Trial of the Century

Wasn't having it all that day
Having thought I was there is fine
Don't know what can be hard to say, oh
That's a sign of a better time
You know now

The hours that go in front of me
Remind it how it used to be
And you down in the grass with me
The hours of choking century

I blame you
I thank you
I blame you

Wasn't fit to have you
But I will never run and hide
I don't feel so bad
And then I will not apologize

I am fit to hang
And in the falling rain
And I meant to make it out tonight

The hours that go in front of me
Remind it how it used be
And you down in the grass with me
The hours of choking century

I blame you
I thank you
I blame you

Yeah, you come to mind

PS: French Kicks an Indie Band and this song is part of the soundtracks of The Art of Getting By.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beastly: “Love is Never Ugly”

Due to Aline and mine's misadventure on finding film containers for our TLE, we ended up watching two movies we bought that day: Beastly and Sucker Punch.

After watching two films, you'll most likely have the last film on your mind during your way home but apparently, that didn't happen to me. We first watched Beastly then Sucker Punch but on my way home, I am thinking so much about Beastly :)

Check out the trailer:

“Come-to-life” fairytales today are most likely: a) Too creepy to watch, it's not even advisable for kids, b) Too lustrous and c) Too out of the original story, it's not worthy of watching anymore. As for Beastly's case... it did give the real story and the novel a justice.

Alex Pettyfer did a good job in the movie. I can say he can really portray his character and put it into himself. Of course, he makes girls drool over him. haha.

Vanessa Hudgens is as good as well. I thought I'd get annoyed with her throughout the movie but it turned out to be the opposite. I'm so admiring her hairstyle and the way "Lindy" seems to come out of her. I love her na!

All throughout the movie, I feel kilig and in love with the both of them. It turned out cute and light unlike some fairytale movies who try get exaggerated and scare you. They have chemistry which made them even cuter.

Plus the soundtracks are amazing! I downloaded them first before blogging. hehe. The following are my favorites:

On The Radio by Regina Spektor

Boys and Girls by Pixie Lott

Broken Arrow by Pixie Lott

Forever and A Day by Jem

So if you haven't got the chance to watch this movie, buy a DVD copy set to be released some time this June and you won't regret it, promise! For me, this movie is a life-changing story which a sucker for love like me really deserves.

“Love is never ugly.” #winner

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last HP7 Part 2 Trailer

This is the last trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 :((( It's almost July and it's almost the end of the worldwide phenomena. Awwww! I'm just speechless while watching this.

Freddie and Emma on The Art of Getting By

Ok, so I think I won't stop gushing about this movie until I watch it. I really am in love with Freddie Highmore. And not just with Freddie, so to say. I feel like the movie will inspire me.

They DO have chemistry <3

Good Morning Main!

Good evening blog. I'm about to blog this last one school update at about 6pm but I got this sudden "Freddie Highmore Fever" when I watched the trailer of The Art of Getting By.

Anyways, last Thursday our adviser asked for our help to clean the front of Main Building because of the upcoming Fun Run tomorrow. This event is for commemorating the 150th birthday of our national hero, Jose Protacio Rizal.

Don't you just love how sky can make a picture colorful? Hello, there MB!
Picked up our cleaning material and started working under the sun. Yipeee! It kinda feels like Brigada Eskwela.

Most of the things we did are pulling out weeds and sweeping through the entire area. It's pretty exhausting because the sun is rising. But as Ate Julie told me it's good for bones because of Vitamin D.

I was quite laughing because Andrew sang "Magtanim Ay Di Biro" and I was imagining myself as a farmer.

While working, we even talked about the Science Fair and Buwan ng Wika. I hope we really bag awards this year. Keep the faith! Haha.

So to say, I'm not just standing there. It just happened that I was resting for a bit when Paul took the picture.
Echosera. Yes, I DO LOVE TO BLAB.
After cleaning for almost 30 minutes we're off to head back to our room...

But wait! Before that, we had a wonderful picture taking first! I'm so loving my classmates :))))))

III-LV (Batch 2010-2011) with Manuel Quezon at the back. hehe
We still look fresh even if we're under the sun for 30 minutes.
Stolen lang :p
And the best photo will be... our FAILED JUMP SHOT! We've been trying that for years but we always fail. Anyway, it's better that you tried than you didn't do anything at all. I love LV!

That's all for the school updates. Might update you again soon. As for now, gotta focus on my study. Thank you again, Paul for the photos.

Goodnight! xo

The Art of Getting By Trailer

"Everything seemed meaningless, including this assignment unfortunately." Sometimes, I wanna be a slacker but oh well, I wouldn't do so.

I've seen a lot of GOOD films produced by Fox Searchlight: 500 Days of Summer, Juno and Black Swan. That's why I'm pretty sure "The Art Of Getting By" will be a good movie. It was shown yesterday in US or shall I say today since Philippines is a day ahead. I think I have to wait for a DVD of this movie because I have a feeling they won't show it here. Sad! Check out the trailer, you'll like it:

It stars Emma Roberts (Wild Child) and-- it's alright to get shocked-- Freddie Highmore (August Rush, Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Besides, you can surely relate to this movie. <3

Song of the Day: Almost Lover

Right, I've got an LSS on Next 2 You but this is the song of my day. Perfect for the cold weather.

"Goodbye my almost lover, goodbye my hopeless dream, I'm trying not think about you. Can't you just let me be? Goodbye my luckless romance, my heart has turned on you. Should've known you'll bring me heartache. Almost lovers always do."

Thinking about my first love who made me cry for three times. haha. Anyway, I got over that love for almost a year now though I can't change the fact he really was my first and real love. Memories... they always let scars a little.

Next 2 You

I heard this song a long time ago and thought it was a really nice song. Honestly, Chris Brown is one of my favorite RnB singer and adding Justin Bieber up to his songs made it even pretty amazing. Justin's voice has matured, like a man. And his hair is even better today. I really love him.

So to say, the music video is VERY suitable for the song. I like it when the MVs are in tune with the music because I can understand and feel it better that way. I'm quite teary, fyi. Especially when Chris' girlfriend in the video was bumped by the car and said "i love you" Eeeeh! Sucker for love talaga.

For the Justin and her girlfriend part... I'M SO KILIG! Now, I was thinking how would it feels like to have a boyfriend like Justin in a way that you both are living a normal life and not under the spotlight of Hollywood and fans. The kiss was even better :) Yay! It's so sincere and I can feel the love even if the blonde is not really his girlfriend.

Recommend this to your friends!


Due to the mix up of photos, the following are of unknown day and situation. Just look at them and feel free to contemplate their handsomeness, prettiness and cuteness. Ness much?!

To those who don't know what ESEP and DOST means, there you go!
John Mark :) :) :)
Starting from left: Cherry, Grace, Shiela, Cristel, Lianne and Lea
Our teacher in Physics made us do toy cars which will move with just the balloon as it's "diesel". Apparently, there are only two cars that were captured. How could you miss on the other cars, Paul?

Our TOY CAR :p

I can't remember whose is this:

Presenting the very "usable" DOST faucet!


John Mark, Jean, Paui, Jana, Kezia and Radylene
CMAC ONCE AGAIN. (Blog nyo ba 'to? Dami nyong picture eh. Hahahaha)

Czam, Jana and Kezia
The ultimate ANIME Lovers of Quezon High :)))
Coming up next: Good Morning Main!


Welcome to QNHS' Big Grandstand where all of the big events in the school are being held. Good thing is, it's not only for school affairs, it's also for TLE and MAPEH classes which students enjoy since they have to walk and talk through their way there. haha

This stuff-if i'm not mistaken-is from our TLE room under the stairs of BG. TLE is like one of our favorite subjects simply because we've got a very funny teacher. It's my first time to have a teacher who's got a music playing inside his room. Last Thursday, he even allowed us to play the Lazy Song while he's off talking to one of his co-teachers. Pretty cool! WATCH IT HERE ;) We even had some picture taking.

A few days back, I was even elected as muse of our class so I had to be in line with these girls in the curricular election. Thank God, I didn't win!

Other Grandstand pictures:

LV Boys
Some of the LV girls :)
Best photo for this blog:

I think this one's from one of the vandalism in BG. But it's pretty much a nice vandal.

Photos from Paul Ydnar Julo. Sorry for the low quality, I only grabbed it from facebook but they're still nice, though :)