Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I dreaded going to school this afternoon. There's not much to do and all we do is sit in our classroom or in the corridor. Blab all afternoon. Read our books. Blab. Ask our teacher on until when we need to go to school. And once again, blab. But this afternoon is way colorful than all the afternoons in the world.

I was there, leaning against a post and having an animated chat with my bestfriend. Well, I'm always animated and I keep laughing and I always look excited about something when I talk with her. It's our everyday drama, anyway.

And there on the next post is someone I've been dying hard to see since morning! We're only a few meters away and he too was leaning against the post, talking and playing around with his friends.

I keep talking and laughing with my bestfriend but of course, my eyes would dart back to him every minute and I was this shallow person who would melt because of his smile. hahaha. It lasted for I think 30 minutes before they went home and really, it completed my day.

Now, I don't care if he doesn't notice me or even take a look at me. All I know is, I'm happy seeing that individual every single day and I'm gonna enjoy that chance until before summer vacation starts :)

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