Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aj x Lauren, Collectively known as "AjRen"

In the past few weeks, I was thinking about a show in ABS where I first saw Aj Perez. Finally, Wikipedia came into my mind then I searched about him. Of course, it is still hard to believe that he's already gone. Anyways, I found out that the title of the that Sunday teen flick show is "Abt Ur Luv". I really am addicted to that show. haha. It started on 2006 and ended on 2008. See? It's a successful show for it lasted for two years.

I have favorite loveteams in the show: Rickson and Gisselle, Aldred and Valeen but my favorite--honestly!--is Josh (Aj Perez) and Nelle (Lauren Young). Their love team is collectively know as "AjRen". They are each other's first loveteam when they started in showbiz and became really close like brothers and sisters (sana naging lovers nalang sila.. aw!)

Photo from Lauren Young's Tumblr acct.
Photo from Lauren Young's Tumblr acct.
Since I miss this love team, I searched YouTube of videos from the show. Luckily, I found this account of a fan of Lauren's who have a collection of the "AjRen" moments in Abt Ur Luv. Thanks, lovelyday8! Visit her channel to see the videos.

So, I saw Lauren's Tumblr post about Aj and it made me cry. They've been love team in a lot of shows and it's very heartbreaking to loose someone you've been with for the most part of your life.

"Its 6 in the morning and I’m still wide awake. Memories of AJ are passing through my mind. I’ve never lost anyone in my life, up until now. I met AJ when I was 11 years old. We we’re both at ABS-CBN auditioning for Star Magic. He was wearing a green jacket and was just sitting in a corner with a smile on his face. AJ was my first ever love team for my whole showbiz career. I remember our kilig scenes from Abt Ur Luv. Our fans called us “Ajren”. I remember whenever we had mallshows we would sit beside each other during those long trips and just talk. We would listen to music and just sing the whole time. The first song he would ALWAYS play would be Sugar we’re going down by Fall Out Boy. It was our favorite band. We even watched the concert together with Dino, Chris, Megan and Alex. My friend Alex caught the guitar pick that night and I remember grabbing it from her hand and shoving it in AJ’s face and then I dropped it on the floor. For 15 minutes we we’re on the floor of Araneta trying to find that stupid little thing. We even went to Singapore for taping one time, and for the whole trip he was my buddy. He would carry around my bag if I promised to buy him ice-cream. Which I never did.. Hahaha. He even helped me pick out my first ever Nike shoes. Ung nauuso pa lang ung dunks. Then during the night we would all get together with the rest of the cast and drink hot chocolate and play games. For our last night in Singapore we all slept in one room we ended up staying up all night just dancing and talking. Back in the Philippines pag maaga natatapos taping namin we would all just hang out. Go to Greenhills or Eastwood and just watch movies. I remember he even celebrated his 15th or 16th birthday with us at Eastwood right after taping. We all got our ears pierced, except him and just played games the whole night at Power Station.
AJ is my brother, my friend, my loveteam. I grew up with this kid. I told him my secrets and he told me his. My whole family thought he was the sweetest ever, and he still is.
Everything is a total shock to all of us. I still can’t believe what happened, and I don’t want to believe it. For me AJ still lives on. He will forever be in my heart. I love you AJ and may your soul rest in peace." --Lauren's post
I guess he didn't leave an unfinished business on Earth because he had already proven that he's one of the best young actors Filipinos witnessed. I hope he's in peace now and happy somewhere with the embrace of the Lord.

As for the "AjRen" loveteam, I can say that they will always be the number one young love team I saw and even though they didn't start a real-life relationship, they made people realize that great love is not  just for lovers, mostly it is for friends.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Song of the Day: Don't Stop (GLEE)

Been listening to the songs of the upcoming episode 19 of GLEE next Tuesday. And my favorite was Don't Stop performed by the whole New Directions. But what caught my attention were the Sam/Quinn and Finn/Rachel duets. I missed these love teams.

Tunay Na Lalake

You probably know this famous blogspot called Tunay Na Lalake. They already have three million followers and as the blog title depicts, it is a blog about what boys do and their perspective of life. I am an easily offended girl. Boys are often my biggest enemy but I found myself enjoying their blogs even if some of them are quite explicit. What I love best is their "Manifesto ng Tunay Na Lalake"

As far as I've read, they often blog about famous guys, maybe in politics or in show business which they judge if their TNL (Tunay Na Lalake) or DTNL (Di Tunay Na Lalake). And not just boys, there are few women celebrities who are blogged in here that they ridicule in a very positive way that you'll really have a huge laugh (not if you idolize that person)

If you're humorless, taking life too seriously, conservative or too religious, you might as well not visit this blog so as not to be offended. But if you just wanna have fun, visit especially if you are a boy. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mystery Song Revealed!

My bestfriend, Aline and I were singing that first lines of this song: "So what's the point in all of this if you will never change?..." Apparently, we forgot its title. I thought it was sung by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus but I was very wrong. I asked my cousin and told me it's title is Will You Ever Learn by Typecast. Problem solved!

Video: Trailer 1 for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I'm sure some of you are crying right now. But me? Well, I'm very excited yet it feels lonesome to see the end of something you look forward to every two years. Anyway, see you all in cinemas on July 15 (July 16 on Philippine date)!

Song of the Day: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

"You can buy your hair if it won't grow, you can fix your nose if you said so. You can buy all the make-up that man can make. But if you can look inside you, find out who am I too..."

What Happened To Filipino Movies?

We all love Filipino movies. Especially those with love stories and heartbreaking dialogues that warm our hearts and make us cry. Personally, my favorites are: My Big Love, Forevermore and One More Chance. Who would also miss those with superheroes booming in front of the big screen with their name shining on their chest? And of course, the comedy films that tickle our stomaches. But sometimes--and this is my observation--most of the films are all about those stories. It keeps on being repeated and we always see those happy endings. Isn't it a bit tiring?

Where are those action movies? Have they all died away with FPJ? Those exciting gun shooting and incredible stunts?

Ang Padring
Agila ng Maynila
The last best horror films I've watched (and the only ones that really frightened me) were Feng Shui and Sukob. Do you think so too?

Kris Aquino in Feng Shui
Kris Aquino and Claudine Baretto in Sukob
And where are those heavy drama films like those with after-life plots or a soul still on Earth because he still has a mission to do or he's afraid to accept the fact that he's dead... like Kahit Isang Saglit?

Of course, the history-woven movies with wars and lifes of the Filipinos during the Spanish periods. And that includes boasting about the success Baler has made.

Remember the news last November about Harry Potter 7 Part 1 bombing it in the Philippine box office and beating the sales of other previously shown successful Pinoy films? Really, it was a shame like a slap on the face to have an international film beat our own. Why? Because, as I've said earlier, we stick too much in love stories and comedies which are less appealing to people nowadays. In this kind of situation, people needs exciting stories and breath taking actions.

This is why I suggest, that we bring back those kind of films. I'm not saying that producers should remake them. I am saying that writers should craft stories with those kind of themes which I think will make Philippine movies worthy to watch and maybe, grab an award from international sectors. They are the ones in power to rise the film industry from it's falling standard. Merely, I am just a simple patronizer who wants to share my opinion. And I hope--with fingers crossed--that this will appeal to them.

Maddi Jane

My cousin, Joseph, introduced me to the music of Maddi Jane starting with her cover of Jessie J.'s Price Tag. I got addicted into that cover that I immediately subscribed to her Youtube channelLook, she's so pretty! Maddi is from Chicago and only eleven years old. She've already guessed in The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Some of her covers were: The Script's Breakeven (Falling To Pieces)

Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are

Shontelle's Impossible

Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts

Of course, her recent cover Price Tag which is my favorite :)

If you want to hear more of her music, visit her MySpace or her Youtube Channel. I don't know if she already released an album but you can buy her music in iTunes.

Summer Soundtracks

The best thing about summer is, you have a lot of time to listen to music. I have my favorites this April:

Price Tag by Jessie J ft. BOB

Preferably, Maddie Jane's cover is awesome

All Of The Lights by Kanye West ft. Rihanna

Of course, Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot (even though they're an old band, i love 'em!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The Coconut (Ang Niyog) is the official paper of my school, Quezon National High School. And mind you, it is not just an ordinary school paper. They have screening every summer for new staffers of their publication composing of aspiring writers from third years and fourth years. They only select the best among the best. Why? Because every year they bag awards from National Press Conference (NSPC). A lot of awards, fyi.

Why so serious?!

Well, I joined the screening last Monday. I am a Feature Writer and I'm proud to tell you (though I don't boast much about it) that I am once a NSPC winner when I was in elementary. It is my dream to be in this publication because it is one of the most famous papers in Southern Tagalog. But eventually, I wasn't accepted. Maybe because I didn't put all my effort. Or maybe they didn't like my work. Or maybe, my skills are rusting. But nevertheless, I'll try out again next year. Malay mo, diba? Think positive.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Learning to Breathe" by Switchfoot

I didn't took notice of other OSTs from A Walk To Remember before--except for Mandy Moore's songs--since I was Grade One when I first watched it. Just this afternoon, this song caught my attention. I'm pretty into Alternatives.

Let Me In

I saw Let Me In's trailer today.

I think it was pretty good. I mean, seeing kids around the age of 10-12 will be a change in the Vampire mania. I remember when I watched Eclipse last year and I was disappointed when Bree Tanner was killed. I was craving to see a child control his desire over blood. We all know that children are hard to control yet they're afraid to harm people. I just hope Let Me In will be a nice catch though.

A Walk To Remember...

Went to Aline's house today (and bailed on our reunion meeting. ooopsss!) and watched a few DVDs that I bought in Delgic. The DVDs are: I Am Number Four, A Walk To Remember and The Roommate. The first two, I have watched already while the last one, we weren't able to watch today because it's already late. My favorite today of course was, A Walk To Remember although I didn't cry anymore since I've already watched it for the third time.

This probably is the best movie of Mandy Moore and she's really beautiful here. Shane West is handsome though his nose is not so cute. But all in all, their acting was perfect. The best part was the Spring play. One thing I won't forget in this movie is:
Landon: "Jesus!" Reverend: "No, Jamie's father."
Nicholas Sparks' books are always best-selling, so are the movies when they were adapted in big screen. Like; Dear John, The Last Song and The Notebook. A Walk To Remember is an old movie actually-2002-but it's my second favorite next to Dear John. I think it's one of the best love stories ever witnessed in Earth's time. You think so?


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Candles by Hey Monday

I first heard this song on GLEE, covered by Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Darren Criss (Blaine). But I liked the original version better. I think GLEE's was too emotionally sang.

"Blow the candles on, looks like a solo tonight. I'm beginning to see the light.
Blow the candles on, looks like a solo tonight. But I think I'll be alright."

April is Earth Month

April 22 is Earth Day. We should join events and galas following this day so that we can be of help to Mother Nature. Join the celebrations in your schools and communities. Plant a tree, save thousands if lives.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Have you already met your first love? The one that makes your heart flutter when you see him. The one that makes you do weird things. And especially, the one that keeps you inspired at all cost that makes you who you are today.

If that's what you feel today, YOU should watch this movie:

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a Thai movie popularized by Sahamongkol International and Work Point. It is shown just last August 12, 2010 ( i don't know if it's internationally shown). The movie is about a 14 year old girl who's got a crush with an older guy in his school. She was unattractive at the time and that made her do everything she can to be beautiful and outstanding. (read it here)

We all have watched plenty of movie with the same stories. Namely; Mean Girls, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and a lot more. But we can all relate to this because it is an ASIAN movie. It's not about having your first kiss and first do with someone, it's about how we feel when we want to be with someone. How we want to make them notice us. And how we can enjoy our first loves during our puberty without being overboard and too extreme.

Plus, you'll learn the value of friendship and that sometimes, when we became too involved with love we can loose our friends. And the fact that they'll always be there for you when you need them. (standing from left: Nim, Gie, Cheer sitting: the old Nam)

MEET the two characters first!

Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol (kinda mouthful) is Nam. You see that Nam in the previous picture- that's the old Nam- and this one is the new Nam (the transformed one after three years). The director is very amazing. I actually thought they're different girls. (more info)

Mario Maurer is Shone. He's half German , half Thai. He's handsome, right? My friends, Erica and Aline likes him. I found him attractive, really. (more info)

So if you want to cry, kiligin, be inspired, learn the true value of friendship and be shallow at the same time. Watch this movie! Especially if you're still in high school. Or no matter how old you are. It's never too late to be in love and be stupid for someone. It's always about how you tried and what are the outcomes of the effort. Unfortunately, the videos in YouTube are already deleted so you'll have find it in record bars. If you live here in Lucena City, you can buy it in Delgic :)

I'm sure you'll imagine yourself in this movie. This is the TRUE STORY of everyone who's in love, been in love and always in love.

I'm sure i'll never forget this and probably my favorite teen flick movie. The best!

ENJOY the show! 

Ten Things I'll Miss This Summer

Summer, apparently is the most boring part of my life. I don't go to beaches and pools because my mom doesn't like them. I don't get to hang out much with my classmates because I have no allowance when it's vacation. And, I get to stay in the house and either sleep, surf or read books.

And there are 10 things I would miss this summer:

1. My bestfriend, Aline who lives almost a kilometer away from me.

2. My all of the time companions: Jueann, Brigette, Jana, Jazz and Adrian.

3. My first year classmates I-AV(ESEP A) and Mrs. Araceli Valle. Arcelinian Schivalle <3

4. MHCC (Mary Help of Christians Crusade) brothers and sisters and all those conventions we had..

5. Jana's birthday celebration. hahaha. I kinda enjoyed that day. July 19,2010

6. My II-CSA(ESEP A) classmates. They're probably the most cooperative people I've met and one of the bests.

7. My best s1r, Jaiyo :))

8. The T-shirt store we had at QNHS last March during STCAA (unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to buy a single shirt)

9. Our HUMAN LCD practice for our super amazing and extravaganza opening during the STCAA program.

10. And lastly, this person who became a big part of my sophomore year. Without this person I would've missed the experience of feeling my heart flutter and smile.

I do hope I'd enjoy my summer this year. I hope so...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Loriens for the WIN!!

I watched I Am Number Four just today. Ah! I've been routing for it since February.

Despite the negative reviews of the critics, it still gained a box office in the cinemas and earned about $120,000,000 worldwide.  This movie is a bomb, really! I know, aliens are same old stories in our planet but I Am Number Four is pretty unique.

Let's start with Teresa Palmer (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) who we all know as Number Six. When I first saw her in Sorcerer's Apprentice, I thought she's a lame actress. But she bombed out in this movie. She's pretty amazing.

Callan McAuliffe (Flipped) I'm actually shocked when I saw him here. I watched Flipped just last year and it was November. He looks like a ten-year old kid in that movie but all of a sudden he's very grown up and handsome and he now know how to drive a car. He's way handsome with the brown hair, fyi.

Dianna Agron (GLEE) Oh, she well deserve to be the Best Female Breakthrough of 2011. I mean, her role in GLEE is the popular queen-bee type. But here, she's just the Sarah Hart who takes picture of people and known to be just a simple part of the crowd.

Alex Pettyfer (Stormbreaker, Wild Child) And Alex, too, well deserve to be the Best Male Breakthrough Actor. I'm quite impressed with his ability to cry. He can express his emotions well especially on action scenes.

While watching the movie, I just stare speechless during the fight scenes. One factor is, the Mogadorians are creepy-looking. The other factor is, I thought they're all gonna die.

I enjoyed the movie so much. My two hours is worth it. I am one-hundred percent sure there's a sequel because they have to find the other Loriens to be able to beat their enemy and I've read it in Wikipedia. I do hope John will be able to come back for Sarah. It's a shame he didn't tag Sarah along with him. Anyway, I understand the fact that there are plenty of consequences.

Say hello to my Stuffed Toys and Pillows.

It's probably a childish act but I named my stuffed toys, all of them.

Yapee- is the bigger bunny. He's my recent stuffed toy since I got him when I was grade 6. I named him Yapee after the name of a famous stuffed bunny they had in my favorite anime, Special A.
Skittles- is from my classmate Paul. I got the name Skittles from this site called I was addicted in playing in there before. You bet!

Bluebie- from my Uncle Manuel. He's from Taiwan :)

B2- he's not mine. He's Jose Mari's

Tennie- is my brother Daniel's. He got him when he was kinder but I kinda own this little thing too. He almost got lost thrice but we're lucky to always find him.

Tobels- short for Toblerone (my favorite chocolate brand), I received this from my friend in Grade 5. Oh, she looks creepy in the picture but she's cute in real life. She's once Chilax's (my dog) toy.

Azie-  the pink and the largest is my least favorite doll but I keep her since she was the first doll I got from my mom.
Bridget- is the smaller pink one. From my Aunt Nancy.
Coralyn- Nope, I didn't name her after Neil Gaiman's Coraline, she has a tag saying that's her name. She's one of my favorite :)
Sheley- is that pink Hello Kitty there. She's from McDonalds.

And finally, this is my KFC pillow collection. Consist of Powerpuff girls and Betty Bop. I don't like Betty Bop, honestly. She looks like a female you-know-what. Though, I have to keep the pillow or my mom will get mad at me.

There, you've already met them. I'm actually allergic to dust and I have sinusitis almost every month. We all know that stuffed toys are keepers of dust but I think they don't pollute my nose in any case naman so it's still safe to have them sitting on my bed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Corner

Welcome to my little space of the house yet coziest room ever...

I have plenty of stuffed toys that I've collected since I was a kid. Some of them are already ragged. Some of them are hand-me-downs and are probably older than me. But no matter how old or cheap they look, I keep them because they're part of my childhood.

This is my small collection of books. But I've already added a few more after I shot this. I only started reading when I was first year and I assure you that most of the shelf will be occupied with books in the coming years.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is the first series that I finished. Though, my all time favorite is Harry Potter. Honestly, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the first novel I've read and it started me to read more. Anyway, these are the three I bought. I only borrowed books one and three from a friend.

And this one is the only Vampire Diaries book I got. I received this from Linette Agito during our Christmas party'10. I saved pdfs in my laptop but I haven't started reading them yet. Uh, i like the tv show better than the book but I guess, LJ Smith is really awesome. She's not exxagerrated when it comes to Elena and Stefan's love life.

On the left side is my Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince poster. Free from a K-Zone mag. And i'm waiting in vain for a Deathly Hallows poster. I hope they'll have one in their upcoming July 2011 issue :)

And on my right side is a small poster of Percy Jackson. Logan Lerman is my number one Hollywood crush. haha

See, I don't have much stuff in my room. I have a small table near my bed with some school stuff and my laptop bag in it. Plus, add those unused bags of clothes at the back of my headboard. But my room probably is one of the sweetest room a teen like me could ever dream of.