Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Cinderella Story :)

Another Cinderella Story probably is my favorite "come-to-life" fairytale.
It was a remake of our favorite fairytale story, Cinderella. Though, it is not the glass slipper that is missing but a Zune. And to be able to recognize who the girl is, she has to know how to dance the Valentine Tango. Because of this movie, I discovered how talented Selena Gomez is. She can sing, dance complicated movements and even skateboard. I love her!

And their loveteam is so sweet even though Selena at this time is 15 and Drew is 25. I loved the acoustic version of New Classic very much than the original pop version.

You may think It's a waste of electricity but I'm watching it once again right now. It teaches me plenty of things, you know:

1) Plenty of people doesn't want to believe in destiny but they enjoy watching movies with those kinds of theme.
2) Trust yourself.
3) That no matter how much you look down on yourself, there is always someone out there who considers you as someone special that makes his/her day COMPLETE and MEANINGFUL with you being oblivious about it.

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