Monday, March 21, 2011

Dare to DAIR.

"Ever hang out with someone without even telling anyone?" 

Let's talk about Blair Waldorf, Manhattan's elite and a fashionista. And of course, Daniel Humphrey.. our Lonely Boy. They started their "friendship" when they're trying to locate Juliet Sharp's whereabouts. After those times, we can notice that they have been together. Say for example, their internship at W Magazine. They're like cats and dogs fighting off each other. But boohoo, as the show walks through.. we can see them being 'nice' with each other.
Thanks to you, Lonely Boy.. Blair forgot her heartbreak because of Chuck for awhile for watching "the perfect anti-Valentine movie", Rosemary's Baby. So, I see you are on each end of the line while watching it. hahaha. (kilig much?!)
Blair, becoming the new Epperly is experiencing all her pressure in work. Dan helped her yet she quited her job. Wanna know why she's here? Thanks to Dan, she had the nicest blog that day.
"I have been fired/quit my job. I failed a test and here I am in Brooklyn talking about it with Dan Humphrey."
They had pizza and watched another movie and oh, fell asleep beside each other. Sweet! The next day, you can see how contented Blair is but she keeps on ranting about her and Chuck being together one day when I think she had it wrong. hahaha. Dorota had her speculations that Blair is having an affair with Lonely Boy. Of course, she said no. Dan, meanwhile is having this talk with his Dad. And his father said that maybe there is something more that's why they're not telling it to others.
They've decided to tell everyone but it seems like "Maybe, the world isn't ready for the Humphrey-Waldorf friendship." They went their separate ways but I guess, Dan is still confused. He arrived at Blair's house that night after the party. Talk about walking around the city when you live in Brooklyn? And we all heard Gossip Girl state this:
What if Dorota and his father is right? What if there's something more? Uh-oh. The only solution is "One kiss and that's that." Seconds passed. Hesitation and POOM!: "For crying out loud, Humphrey!"
And that's where it ended. We'll have to wait for April 18 to see if they would be together. If you wanna see its preview, visit CW's Website. Credits also to them for the pictures!

Lovin more of Gossip Girl. Yay! She should keep me posted.

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