Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is how Big Grandstand looks like while the delegates are on their parade.
And this is how FULL it is during the program.

STCAA is a Regional Meet gathering all the best players of each provinces in Region IV-A Calabarzon. Those who will win here will compete in the biggest sports event of the country, Palarong Pambansa.

These are the delegates from Batangas Province, Laguna Province and Antipolo City.
I can't remember what provinces/cities they are in :))
And more delegates from the 15 provinces and cities of CALABARZON..
Of course, we are so proud of our very own, Quezon province (the one in the middle)
Antipolo and Dasma, i think...

It took a long time to finish all those introductions because each province/city have their own yell. And of course, we are so proud to be part of Quezon's yell. While listening to the speeches of important people, we are eating :)) hahaha. Thanks, Gov!
Darkness is creeping up and it's now time for the torch-lighting! Yeah!

After two rounds of run around the oval, it's finally lighted!

Some of the pictures are blurred because I zoomed my camera, sorry for that! Anyway, we had so much fun doing our Human LCD even though we're kind of confused in the beginning. I didn't had the chance to take pictures of our performance because I am in it. Thanks to Ate April (Shaina's sister), I found this one! AWESOMENESS!
Every beginning has an ending. The program was ended by a balloon-flying leaving everyone a happy and peaceful stay in our city.
I hope everyone did enjoy our Opening Program and may the best athlete win!


  1. hahaha. Yan lang yung nakuha kong picture ng delegates eh :)) ang hirap kasi, nasa likod nila tayo :D :D