Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catch Me... I'm In Love :) A MUST-SEE!

I'm not a fan of Sarah Geronimo or Gerald Anderson. I often criticize them. But when I watched Fallin's music video, it made me want to watch the movie.

The reason maybe why I don't like Sarah is because there are plenty of people who are comparing her with Charice. And I love Charice no matter what they say (i know you're rolling your eyes na, Aline!) And all that's taken back because of this film! Weeee. I think i love Sarah. She looks good with that bangs.

And maybe the reason why I don't like Gerald before is because he's still paired with Kim Chiu and I really don't like Kim (yes, I do and fans don't be so violent on me).

Look at them! So sweet <3

I'm still waiting for its official trailer and I really am looking forward to March 23. I'm gonna watch this movie even if it means sacrificing my desire of watching Red Riding Hood. It's time I support more Filipino movies :)

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