Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Song of the Day: Breakeven

This is probably the only Script song I know. haha! Imma have to subscribe to their Vevo from now on.

GLEE Season Two Finale

I've waited for some time to blog about GLEE's season finale since I haven't found any videos yet. Luckily, GleeOnFox uploaded this GLEE-Wind. Perfect!

I was expecting they'd win this time judging from the bitter ending last season but they lost. Bummer, huh? But they still killed it when they performed. I don't know what's the problem of the judges by putting them on the last place. As far as I know, America doesn't care about simple kisses. Anyway, it's about professionalism.

Win or loose, GLEE is still the best musical show ever. And I'm thinking if they won this year, what would be their goal for their senior year? This will make them hungrier. The ending's still good. We had the FinChel kiss. "It's like Superman with a cape." haha

And everyone cheering up for their 12th place trophy!

Can't wait for Season 3! I hope they win next time :)


Junior Year: Brigada Eskwela 2011

Last May 28, 2011 was our Brigada Eskwela. Each year will duty for one day and clean as much mess as possible. As for us incoming third years, we cleaned our own area. First thing we did, line up for registration:

Aline and I chatting while waiting for our turn.
Then, wait for our assigned areas. Together with my groupmates, we're assigned in N-type building first but these guys were first there. haha! HELLOOOOO!

Melbert, Jaiyo and Joatham
Carlo :)
Mark Roe is the cutest!
Hi Ma'am Lagman! She's the SSG Head :)
Ok, so change course. Cherry came and told us to go inside the E-type building but apparently, we're afraid to enter that building since there are a whole lot of rumors circulating in our school about it. We went to Main Building instead.

SSG Officers
First thing we did was carry armchairs inside the room of one of our teachers. Then, second mission is carry dirty chairs inside two rooms. And the third mission is pull out weeds. Oh , don't even think that it's an easy task. We would have not finished it if there weren't a lot of us working. haha

Shaina, Angel, Kaeremon and Kuya Darren sweeping using bunot.
Jueann pulling out weeds.
Our team pulling out weeds. haha.
I think we've filled 3 full sacks of weeds. That's not including the weeds pulled out by other teams. After pulling out weeds... what happened next? Of course, rest! We stayed inside Main for a while then went out to buy drinks. I almost fainted when I saw Jazz on the roof. haha. He's cleaning it with Antonio.

Jazz and Antonio.
Bakit mas madaming picture ang boys? haha. Because I only grabbed these photos from Paul and since he's a guy, he's with them. Anyways, we: Czam, Aline, Ate Julie, Ate Mai and a newcomer, Ara Mae chatted for the rest of the morning. Funny how school activities always turn out to be blings for barkadas.

Photo of the day:
Aline, Me and Jazz :D
Thank you Paul for the photos. Loved them!

Seasons Change

People will probably compare this movie to Crazy Little Thing Called Love because it's like the first Thai movie to ever invade Philippines. It's not as colorful and eventful as CLTCL had been but it's a perfectly unique story in it's own way.

Seasons Change is a 2006 Thai romantic comedy film. But I would like to add that it is a musical also. The story revolves around a guy named Pom who followed his crush, Dao who will study in a College of Music, unbeknownst to his father who apparently knows that he's studying on a med school. In that school, he met Aom who instantly became his bestfriend. Aom's father is a good friend of Pom's father who helped him keep the secrecy of his study.

Pom is a talented drummer and instantly formed a band with his new found friends, Ched and Chat. They named their band, ASS HOLY. haha! It was actually supposed to be ass hole but Chat read it wrong. But of course, Pom quit after joining the orchestra since his real goal was to be with Dao.
Dao (Yuwanat Arayanimisakul) is the first love of Pom. She's a talented violinist and has big dreams when it comes to her career.
Aom (Chutima Teepanat) is Pom's bestfriend when he started his college year. She's good in theory, or what we can say here as written activities but when in it comes to practical, she mostly fails. She's the one who composed "Seasons Change" for their musical performance at the end of the film.
Pom (Witawat Singlampong) is the main protagonist of the film. He's very talented when it comes to drumming but lacks abilities when it comes to theory. He's like the vice versa of Aom. That's why they are really meant for each other. haha! Anyways, he joined the orchestra and played the Timpani prior to being together with Dao.
Seasons Change as they call it. As the story progresses, he's caught between his feelings for his first love and his bestfriend. If you're watching the movie, we can see that little by little he's developing feelings for Aom although I think he's denying it because he thinks he's still in love with Dao. Now, here are the kilig parts :)

The two of them are listening to classical music.
I can't quite remember this but maybe they fell asleep while waiting for their turn in the orchestra.
While doing a theoretical work.
Aom showing her dancing skills to Pom. Super cute! (Photo courtesy of Tumblr)
Pom lent an umbrella supposed to be for Dao to Aom :)
Here's the obvious part because Aom really have her own umbrella but she told Pom that she didn't bring any because she wanted to share with him. hihi

They went together to have a part-time job. (Photo from Tumblr)
Now, the climatic part of the movie. Aom is finally realizing Pom's real intention of studying in the music school.

Aom lent her pen to Pom.
Which he lent to Dao.
And which Aom found out. So sad!
But that's not the real reason Aom and Pom fought, it's because his dad knew the truth about Pom's studies and he thought Aom was the one who told his dad. So sad!!!

Ok, so I wouldn't tell you more of what happened because I'm afraid I'll spoil it for you. All I can say is, you should watch it. START HERE before it's even deleted by YouTube. The subtitles kind of hard to read. I'll update you if I found other uploads of the movie. The best thing about this film is-- and on most Thai films -- it doesn't center on a love story between the typical rich-poor or hate-then-love thingy. It portrays the love story between two common people with the same status in life. The common school scenario and doesn't stay too much on a typical love triangle. What even made the film worth watching are the main characters. They really have talents in music which makes it more realistic and amazing.

Thanks to this movie I finally realized something that I've been asking for a long time in my heart. Maybe choosing between choices is different when it comes to career and love. In career, we choose the things we like instead of what others want for us. But in love, sometimes we have to choose what life accidentally brought to us because like seasons, our hearts really change course.

Between your love whom you think your destiny or your friend whom you've developed feelings for, who will you choose? Choose wisely because seasons change and these changes create great impacts that are irreversible.

But wait! When they released the DVD copy of the movie, they included a performance of Ass Holy, including Aom and Dao. Take a look at this:

Don't forget to watch Seasons Change, you'll surely love it :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ang Scrapbook Ni P'Shone.

P'Shone opened his scrapbook...

P’ShoneThis book is so funny but it makes me know how much you have tried.
(I want to tell you that you succeeded since you began to do)

P’Shone: “She looks the same, snow white with dental braces.”
(Answered Pin that she looked the same. Cute as always.)

P’Shone: (Touched her hand for the first time but I had to release it cause other with curious)

P’Shone: (I tasted an apple that I gave you)

P’Shone: (You’ve been better. FIGHT NAM!)

P’Shone: (The first day it was very difficult to grow. One worm.)
“It’s from a friend of mine…”
(Today I gave the rose to Nam. I said it was from my friend, it’s because i’m tight-lipped.)

P’Shone: (Today I saw Top confessed. You know I’m hurt. Why our time never match?)

P’Shone: (Me too, wanted to ride you on my back)

P’Shone: Nam, will you be my girlfriend?

I posted this simply because this was the scene that I cried so HARD. I wasn't even expecting that he was in love with Nam. I was like "Ah! ah! Ang tanga ni P'Shone!" haha. Anyways, be sure to catch it on June 5, 9:40 am on ABS-CBN or buy a DVD copy. I swear it's worth to watch.

This is the song playing while he's opening the scrapbook. Pretty suitable, huh? :)


Ako na! Ako na talaga ang super hyped up sa premiere ng Crazy Little Thing Called Love on ABS-CBN. As in!

Remember my blog about a Thai movie I really admired last April? If you haven't, READ THIS! Some people are complaining that it shouldn't be played on local televisions because it will hurt the pride of the movie. But I think it's a good thing to play it so that a lot more people will be able to watch it and fall in love with it. If you've first watched CLTCL on YouTube, the quality's quite low and of course, there are technicals on subtitles. Plus, some people are more comfortable when it's Tagalog-dubbed. Oh diba?

The good news is: it will be aired on June 5, 9:40 am! Yay! :))))

But the bad news is, at that time a show called MagTV is aired here on Southern Tagalog. How will we be able to watch? Somebody HELP!

No matter what, I will find a way to watch it. I will!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Song of the Day: The Story Of Us

I had a hard time looking for this. Thanks to Erica for sending the link! I totally loved the music video. haha! It's wayyyyy better then Back to December. I especially loved the part where Taylor said "shit" when she saw her ex is across the table from her. Enjoy the video!

Video: Percy/Annabeth

I just found this on Tumblr. Wala lang. I miss them!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Song of the Day: Samson (Regina Spektor)

“You are my sweetest downfall. I loved you first, I loved you first.”

“The Martin Del Rosario Experience”

I wasn't planning on coming out yesterday to watch the parade or go to any mall shows out there. Apparently, I still went out with Aline and Czam and her cousins. We're supposed to meet up with Paui, Lianne and Kaeremon but we lost each other. Gahhh!

The five of us were standing by our school for like two hours waiting for the parade to start. It even rained. We're so disappointed because we didn't get to see the celebrities. Not until we're almost to Metro that we waited a little bit for them. Yay! We saw Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching :) :) :) We're waving super hard that we can't concentrate on taking pictures. Ang gwapo kasi ni Kris eh!!

After they passed, we went to Metro Gaisano to watch Coleen Garcia and Martin Del Rosario's mall show. Czam wanted to see Coleen and Aline was gushing so much to see Martin. haha! We stood in there for one hour, waiting for them. Grabe! As in we're aching all over but we remain patient until we see them! Pretty Coleen singing “The Story of Us”

But everyone of us hyped so much when Martin came out. He's sooooooo handsome in personal. Even Czam got a crush on him!

After the show was the autograph signing but we didn't make it kasi tapos na daw :( We're so near the stage at the moment that we're so disappointed. But luck is in front of us because when they got off the stage, we were waiting near the backstage just to give Martin the list of our twitter usernames written on a circle cardboard we plucked out. He's so nice to grab it from us! Kilig much?

The day's almost over for Czam, Aline, Michelle, Hannah and I. We're there at the Zagu stand drinking when suddenly there're this commotion. Martin and Coleen were lead by the guards to eat on Gerry's Grill. Desperate as it seems but we ran to them. It's a once in a lifetime experience you know. We're so near to him but Aline and I can't speak. So Czam was the one talking and asking him to tweet us when he got home. We can't believe we're having that conversation with him. As in.

Uwian na! But like stalkers, we went by Gerry's Grill to see them for the last time. Oh diba? haha. You can't believe how high we were last night because of this experience. It's like a dream come true for us. Finally we got his tweets for us this morning :D

Swerte lang ni Aline because Martin knew her the day before the show.

Feeling like we're the luckiest girls ever :)))))

And the best tweet of all (kahit baligtad yung username ko. haha!)

Thank you so much for coming here Martin! Even if it's just yesterday that I've got a crush on you, I am one of the fans who're supporting Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and admiring your talent. I swear! Good luck on your career and stay as sweet as you are today.