Saturday, March 5, 2011

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Just read 'em ALL!

Ever heard of Olympus being on top of the Empire State Building or the Underworld under Los Angeles' Hollywood sign and Lotus Casino in Las Vegas where time is nonexistent. Well, you would want to grab Percy Jackson and the Olympians to experience those.

The first Percy Jackson book that I've read is The Last Olympian. Yes, I stared with the last book. I bought it for my 15th birthday when I saw it on Metro Lucena. I was so excited to locate all books having watched the movie, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

"The eldest son of the gods, shall reach sixteen against all odd. And see the world in endless sleep, the hero's soul cursed blade shall reap. A single choice shall end his days, for Olympus to preserve or raze."
See, i still know the prophecy even if I read it a long time ago. I loved the book even though it was "bitin" in the end.

Now, book 4 is my favorite of all the series. I so love Daedalus' labyrinth!

Book 3's not much catchy for me. I dunno why, maybe I just don't like Bianca di Angelo.

Sea of Monsters probably is the most humorous of them all and well, Tyson's here. Poor Grover!

And of course, the first book, Lightning Thief which you should have read first of them all so as to understand the story quickly!

What's exciting about this series are the prophecies. You wouldn't have the right guesses actually because it was very twistful. The book designs are a bit spooky, we all know that but as always, don't judge a book by its cover! hahaha.

Really, Percy Jackson is the first series that I've completed and it's worth it. The good thing is, it has a sequel series called The Heroes of Olympus. Percy is missing and there are new demigods plus Roman Mythology. The first book, The Lost Hero, has been released last September and the second book's coming this September too!

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