This blog probably is not famous right now but I'm hoping that one day, it will be one of the bests. But still, I wanna thank these people who are always with me and supporting me. I love you all!

Jueann, B'anne, Jazz, Jana and Adrian
I-AV (ESEP A) Batch 2009-2010
MHCC Brothers and Sisters
II-CSA (ESEPA A) 2010-2011
Czam, Me and Aline
Movie Companies :p
Paui and Aline
Jueann and I
Neriane, Linette and I
Some of my male friends
Mark Roe, Carlo, Me, Rombert and Cydrick

B'anne, Lea, Meanne and Faye

 Jana and I


Erica, me and Aline at McDo (May 5 2011)

Erica and I :)