Friday, March 11, 2011

I'd pick you, BOF :)

All of this started with the Japanese manga entitled: HANA YORI DANGO.

Because of its wonderful story, it has been adapted by Taiwan for a television drama in which it was titled METEOR GARDEN.
It was shown in ABS-CBN in 2001 and was the first Asianovela in the Filipino television. Because of its great ratings and big impact on people, it resulted to a part 2. And I should say that it has the best story of them all.

Then in 2005, the home of the manga itself, Japan, made their version too. Like Meteor Garden, it is also composed of two seasons. Honestly, I haven't watch even a single episode of the Japanese version yet.
And just on 2009, South Korea made their version entitled BOYS OVER FLOWERS which is the english name of the title. It happened to be my favorite.
Everyone can really express their character well and it seems like they are just doing it for reality. Like, there's no script at all. And for me, they have the handsomest and very talented F4 :))

My favorite couple here happens to be what they call "UNLIKELY COUPLE", So Yi Jung and Cho Ga Eul best known for their popular name, SoEulmate. They are the most popular loveteam in Korea, fyi.
As we all know, Boys Over Flowers  didn't have a part 2 unlike the other versions. But still, I keep hoping that they'd decide to make one. That After Story they made is not enough. KBS should think about that.

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