Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SOTD: Make You Feel My Love

And there's no one there to dry your tears, I could hold you for a million years to make you feel my love...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

SOTD: Somewhere Only We Know (GLEE)

There's nothing really special today, I just happened to hear this a lot earlier during the symposium :) Still can't post properly, I don't have my laptop back yet. But I have a lot of posts coming. Yay!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SOTD: Science and Faith

I never thought I'm gonna like The Script ever in my life. But as a fan of alt rock, this one's my bet this day.

Here's the official music video. For some reason, I can't it here. I think the vocalist (what's his name) is handsome here. haha.

"You won't find faith or hope down a telescope. You won't find heart and souls in the stars. You can break everything down to chemicals but you can't explain love like ours." <3

Book Review: Remember Me

I've read a few Mary Higgins Clark books for the past few years. And now, I found my favorite!

I swear it was an awesome read. I am practically on the edge of the table (due to my super excitement, I sat on the table) when I realized who's the true mastermind of the crime. It was a book that's very condescending. K, Mary Higgins. YOU ALREADY! I never felt SO much excited about Clark's book before but I'm not saying her other books are lame because all of them are KEWLLLL! Try "Remember Me" and I'm sure you won't regret it.

As of now, I'm reading "The Shadow of Your Smile". It's her current book released just last 2010. Mary Higgins Clark really is the queen of suspense.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey everyone! I've been out of touch with my page lately. There are a whole lot of things happening during our third year and I feel invalid on not being able to feature it. Nevertheless, I'm gonna work out on it when I got my laptop back.

Last July 23rd, we had our English Got Talent. We've done a play entitled "Mary Claire". It's not a serious play actually, it's more on punchline but it's got story. Last night, we had our first ever Astro Camp on our school. And we all had fun ;)

Full blog coming up soon!

Meanwhile, I'm leaving this song out to you.

Song of the Day: Someone Like You by Adele

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Archie's 3rd Time In Manila

Yes, all I can do is just watch a video. One day, I'll be able to see his concert. I MUST!

SOTD: Never Going Back Again

I won't be that same annoying attention-seeking hussy before. Because I want to take this very carefully and I really want this to be something :) #somuchlove

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SOTD: Touch My Hand

In honor of my ultimate singer crush, David Archuleta's concert yesterday... this is the song of my day. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ARCHIE! <3

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

"No story sits by itself. Sometimes stories meet at corners and sometimes they cover one another completely, like stones beneath a river." - The Five People You Meet In Heaven

I started my day with a frown on my face thinking of what I would do for my sixteenth birthday. Yes, I'm getting old! When I arrived at school, a lot of people greeted me which made me high-spirited. To my classmates, thank you for the love that you showed me and Ate Julie today. You're the best III-LV!

I wanna thank Carlo, Joshua and Aline for treating me last Saturday to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I super love you guys!

Second, to Jazz, Jueann, Adrian and B'anne for being such a good company to me through the years. I love you so much ABJ3! (Birthday wish: Magkabati na si Adrian and Jazz)

Third, to Glydel and JM who personally went to our room earlier to greet me.

Fourth, to Kaeremon and Aline (again) who've been working hard since last night to have people greet me. I super dooper love you! Also to Czam, Erica and Ate Irish (my twitter buddies) for greeting me last night :)

Fifth, to Jaiyo whom I thought forgot my birthday but in truth he texted me and I hadn't read it.

Sixth, to my personal friends who greeted me through Facebook and texts (Timothy, Kuya Darn, Angela, Angelo and a lot more!)

And again, to Glydel and B'anne for having HIM write that letter for me (kahit pinilit niyo siya) haha. I loved it so much and it was the one that really made my day.

To HIM, thank you for that letter. As far as I can remember, it was the first time that I received a letter from someone.

Of course, I wanna thank my family and GOD for giving me the life I am experiencing today. I would have never felt blessed in my entire life if I don't have these wonderful people around me :)


Saturday, July 16, 2011


I've always felt special because Harry Potter is always shown every July and always a few days away before my birthday which is July 18. When I was young, I only watch it because I thought Harry, Ron and Hermione are cute. In elementary, I became super die hard for this movie even if I haven't read the books. Just when I was in first year, when I got interested with reading books... I realized how serious the story is and just then I started to take it very seriously.

So today right after our practice Carlo, Joshua, Aline and I decided to watch it. Actually, Aline wasn't able to go with us because she needs to go with her family first. But all three of them treated me and I was able to watch it immediately. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Thanks to the three of them. hehe.

Photo fromTumblr
As for the movie. Ok, IT IS GREAT! No other words can ever describe it. I love how they made changes and how heart-racing every moment was. I'm hardly sitting comfortably on my chair! The Snape Story and the Resurrection Stone part made me cry the most. I actually thought I'd cry through the whole movie but no. Simply because even if it's a very serious situation, they can still crack jokes. The best part was Neville's moment. Now I know why he was trending yesterday. WATCH THE MOVIE and see for yourself!

Photo from Tumblr
At ang gwapo ni ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER! (even if he's kind of sniffing while talking)
Arthur Bowen as Albus Severus Potter
We're planning to watch it again next week and it's me who'll pay naman. haha! Oh well, I don't mind doing so... thanks to them I've got to watch it immediately <3

Harry Potter is truly the movie of the century. Yes, it's got haters but a lot of people love it. It's undeniably part of everyone's childhood and even those who haven't watch a single movie of it knows what Harry Potter is when they heard other people say it. Although I won't have another anticipated movie next year for my birthday, I'll always celebrate July as the my Harry Potter month.

"Help will always come to Hogwarts to those who deserve it." -Albus Dumbledore

Photo from Tumblr
Three words to describe Harry Potter 7 Part 2: EPIC.MAGICAL.PHENOMENAL.

P.S: The Ron and Hermione kiss was the best kiss ever!

Friday, July 15, 2011

SOTD: Learning To Fall

I really love Boys Like Girls' version of Learning To Fall. It has been my favorite since grade 6! See for yourselves ;)

Special A

You've probably encountered this three years ago in TV 5? It's shown every 7pm in the evening and there's a two hour replay every Saturday/Sunday after Lipgloss.

Episode 1 Part 1

Special A is a Japanese manga turned TV anime and was aired on Japan last 2008. Luckily, the newly opened channel TV5 at 2009 got this show and when I've first watched I haven't stopped since. Apparently, this kind of story is very cliche but the humor and kilig effect of the show made it even adorable.

Special A is about seven students who are in a special class. They have super extraordinary thinking skill and abilities. They're actually ALMOST perfect. Hikari Hanazono has always been top two ever since she studied at that school which made her big rivals with  Kei Takishima.

Meet the TOP 7!

Ryuu Tsuji is the seventh amongst the seven. He's the one in charge of twins, Megumi and Jun that's why he can't concentrate that much in his study. So, during examinations, he tend to worry more about the twins than his own. He's an animal lover and can tame even the wildest one! (See what I mean about super extraordinary now?)

Akira Toudou is the sixth place and I actually thought she's a lesbian since she's very protective of Hikari when it comes to boys. She likes having tea. Akira also constantly beats Tadashi until she realized she's in love with him :) Sweet!

Tadashi Karino is the 5th place. He's the "loner" among the seven. He likes to do things alone and travel alone. He also loves eating sweets especially the ones made by Akira. I think he's in love with him ever since but he just doesn't know how to tell her.

Megumi Yamamoto. She's the 4th palce and actually everyone among my classmate in elementary loves her character the most. Maybe because she carries around the board and uses it as her form of communication. I don't actually know why she's like that but Yahiro (an old friend of Akira's) made her fall out of it. When she sings, a lot of people are getting mesmerized.

Jun Yamamoto, the 3rd place and Magumi's twin. He's just like her sister but he talks with others although he's shy and mostly refrain from arguing with anyone. I can't remember how that was but he's got a split personality that turns him playboy-like and makes girls head over heels charmed with him. He ended up with Sakura who was once in love with Kei!

Kei Takishima is the top one in the school. Ok, so I have to admit that he's really my crush. haha! He can always win anything without even trying to give much effort. He's in love with Hikari ever since they were kids. And above all, he's super cool! But, most of the time he turns disoriented whenever Hikari is in trouble.

Hikari Hanazono is the 2nd placer in the school and the main protagonist of the show. Kei beat her during a pro-wrestling competition when they were kids, since then she treated him as her ultimate rival. He hasn't called Kei in his first name but rather called him "Takishima". Prior to this, she's restraining herself from falling in love with him because she thinks it will only make woman weak. My favorite part of the show was when Kei was asking her a lot of questions that has the answer with a "k" sound in it. But when he asked what his first name is, she can't pronounce it properly.

I thought of writing this blog because of my Chemistry teacher's quote earlier: "Hindi lang umiikot ang kaligayahan ng isang babae sa isang lalaki." haha. Although I agreed on that, I just thought that when it's really time for you to fall in love, you can can't resist it.

So for the readers (readers?) who read my blog, you should watch this anime to learn something in life especially when you're a teen struggling between pride and love like Hikari. I don't know if it's still airing on TV5 since I heard it was being replayed but nevertheless, you can easily watch it on YouTube.

Nonsense fact: I named my teddy rabbit Yapee based on the name of the famous stuffed toy in this show. #lalang

Camera Glued

Well, it's not obvious that III-LV students love the camera so much that they want to have pictures on little events. Anyways, everyone has the right to do what they want and we pretty much do :)

These pictures were taken two weeks ago. Thank you again, Paul for thee pictures.

If I'd tell every single name of my classmates, there's a possibility that you'll get confused so, no. haha!

On the way to the Main Gate...
Jazz and Hendrix
Ok, so this is me trying to get a "stolen" shot but failed!

G'anne and Meanne
Jean and Paui
Chugs Chugs! with Cydrick and G'anne

Cydrick, Jazz, Jueann and me. As usual, tinamad na naman si Adrian sumama sa picture.

I dunno why I posed the "Pambansang Pose of Philippines" but oh well, close up!!! (And my hair is getting longer, I might get a haircut before my 16th birthday)

For an update, ABJ3 is on a sort of "cool off" in the present because of different circumstances. Not that all of us are mad at each other. Actually, I feel bad that Jueann's getting torn between all of us (gosh, I think I misspelled torn earlier on my tweet). I hope we'll fix this soon, especially me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another HP7.2 Video Dump

I can't think of anything to post today, I just happened to have dig in in Warner Brother's channel on YouTube and found these:

HP 7.2 "The Story of Snape Featurette" - This is one of the parts that I'm very interested in the movie and one of my favorite chapters on the novel.

"How dare you stand where he stood? Tell them what happened that night. Tell them how you looked him in the eye. A man who trusted you and killed him. Tell them!" --Gosh, Daniel really can put emotions in words.

"Harry Potter- A Look Back"

*sobs* Three more days here in the Philippines. I'm actually more excited for it than my birthday. haha!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SOTD: All That You Are

"And know that you are everything. Let your heart sing and tonight, we light up the stars, all that you are." <3

Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty is an American rock band formed in 1995. Their current members are: Rob Thomas (vocals), Paul Doucette (rhythm guitars, backing vocals), Bryan Yale (bass guitar), Kyle Cook (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Ryan McMillan (drums, percussion). They have released four albums which are all hits internationally.

MB20's first debut album was titled Yourself or Someone Like You (1996) which was a certified diamond in USA. It includes the songs "Push", "3AM", "Real World" and "Back 2 Good".

Their second album, Mad Season (2000) charted top three on Billboard 200 and four times platinum. Includes songs like "Mad Season", "If You're Gone"  and "Bent".

Their third album More Than Who You Think You Are (2002) was not as successful as the first two but a lot of the songs are big hits on the radio. Like "Disease", "Bright Lights" and of course, "Unwell".

After the third album, they went on hiatus but once again re-formed on 2007 and released an album entitled Exile on Mainstream  and was a certified gold in USA. The album includes songs like "These Hard Times" and "How Far We've Come."

As of now, they're currently making a new album which for sure will be a hit. What's amazing about MatchBox Twenty are the awesomeness of the intros and tunes of their songs. They're very original plus the lyrics are wonderful.

Ok, so some of you maybe doesn't even know them. You might have heard the song "Unwell"? It was their most popular song on the radio and on Myx.

Other Matchbox Twenty songs that I love:


If You're Gone

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Orange Juice

Last week, or maybe last last week? Can't remember. haha. Groups 1,2 and 3 were assigned to perform the oral reading. They were practicing during our off period in Social and since I'm not doing anything, I helped out on holding the manila paper.

That's me by the door and that's Paui and Hilary :)

Sige kuya, tingin lang! hehe But I think it's cute when someone's trying to read what's in front of him.

There, I'm helping them na.

Some of the readers!!!

Czam (zam), Paui (paw-wi), Faye (fa-ye) and Euan (yu-wan)
Angie, Hilary (she's not one of the readers), Jemma and Neriane
And again, the holders of the manila papers! Yay!

You might have noticed I was holding an orange juice in all of the pictures? I've been drinking that 200mL OK! juice for almost an hour! haha

Under the Sun

Who needs summer when you walk under the heat of sun to walk from your homeroom to your TLE room? And an additional picture taking for the winnnnnnn!

Btw, this was made by Cydrick. It's our section spelled using our names. He does it every year.

Ok, back to story.. here it goes! Looking very haggard pa.

Hair magic. LOLs


Finally, we arrived at the gates to the Big Grandstand. Whew!

Princess and Paui

We at the distance!

And closer!

Gora lang ng gora!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Video Dump

Gonna dump these video clips from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for remembrance. Nine days until the finale... feeling excited yet emotional at the same time. Hayyyyy....

Trio in the Vault of Bellatrix Lestrange

(My favorite and MOST AWAITED!) Ron and Hermione in the Chamber of Secrets

Draco faces Harry in the Room of Requirement

The Boy Who Lived Comes to Die

The Lake

Neville Versus the Snatchers Clip (I love you Matt!!!!)

Severus Snape Versus Harry Potter

Watch more videos here! :))

Last Days

Nine days from today and we're all saying goodbye to the movie of the century. And watching this video made me about to cry. Nothing will be greater than what Harry Potter has made us experience. It's like a scar etched on each of our hearts. But instead of being painful, it is a scar worth keeping.

"We always knew we were coming back, but now we know we weren't." But I would say, I'll a;ways come back to this.


I haven't been blogging properly for the past few weeks. So here it is, a proper blog :)

ABJ3 stands for Adrian, Brigette, Jueann, Jazz and me: Joyce. We became close just last year but our bond was like that of a bond of people who knew each other for a decade. One good thing about our group, it is plain friendship and not for popularity's sake. Maybe, book is one of the things that put us together, we all love reading novels.

This one was when we're on Grandstand for Earth Savers meeting. We're not really tanned, especially Brigette.

Yay!! Awkward much? This wasn't on timing. Pfft.

If we'd go back to elementary days, Jueann, Brigette and I were not close. We're enemies in fact. But I guess I learned that nothing really stops at a certain point. You'll meet your real friends when you least expect it.

For now, we are enjoying our Junior year and I'm hoping we'll all remain friends for our whole high school year. All I can say is, if you want a friendship to last long, be sure that you're really enjoying it and not because you wanted to be popular or perfect in the eyes of others. Best of all, love your friends even their flaws and be a good example with each other.

Photos taken by Paul Julo :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Song of the Day: Before It Explodes

I actually thought the girl was Kelly Clarkson hehe Anyways, I liked this because Bruno is in it. You know, he makes a song powerful and heart-felt. And besides, I'm on the verge of exploding today.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transformers 3

I've never been a fan of Transformers like EVER. When I try to watch it, I fall asleep. However, something about the trailer made me think of seeing it. Shall I? Help me decide!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Review: Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

When I saw this book in National Bookstore, I never intended to buy it because I've got no idea on what is inside Egyptian Myth. I thought I'll never get a chance to encounter this book but apparently, Aline bought a copy in Power Books when she was in Manila last summer. I was totally shocked since she VERY rarely read books and last time I checked, it was Wayside School Is Falling Down. But she finished the book anyway and it's good news :D

The book was very fun and light to read. I don't have to rack my brain so hard to imagine the faces of the monsters or what's really happening. The literary style was very impressive as well since Rick used the "recording" type of narration. One fascinating thing also is whenever they're going outside America that makes their adventure even challenging.  I especially loved the Duat. wooooooot.

Carter Kane
Carter is most likely good in combat magic and Egyptian history because he's always with his dad (an archaeologist) who travels around the world to search for fossils. I like his character because he builds his own strategy and he's always present to protect the people around him, like Percy :)

Sadie Kane
Sadie, though a rebel and kind-of gothic girl is very witty and brave (unlike Piper in The Heroes of Olympus) She's like the Egyptian version of Annabeth. Pretty cool.

Even if there are some parts similar to Percy Jackson, I'm still awed and amazed with this book. You should start reading it. Book 2: Throne of Fire is already out on bookstores while the third book will be released next year. If you're lucky enough to even find the locker where they've hidden the amulet.. well, you're not lucky at all. haha!

“Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need. And the only way to get what you need is to make it happen yourself.” -Julius Kane

“Each morning begins not just a new day but a new world”

And the best quote of all:
“I suppose with so many things suddenly getting better, the things that were still missing hurt even worse.” -Carter Kane