Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pre-Opening Program shots :D

Before the opening program, I took all the effort to have a picture of SOME of my classmates. However, this one were the first years managing their "kiping' for their opening salvo.
Presenting our new and improved swimming pool!
With the ever dearest, Paui! <3
With my one of my bestfriends, B'anne (she's also my book buddy.)
I can't go to other side of Small Grandstand, so I'm sorry to ER and VBC that I haven't got any picture of you but I'm sure though that you have your own :) Anyway, here you are from my faraway position.
My classmates, doing their own stuffs. hahaha
B'anne, Lea, Meanne and Faye.
And lastly Jessica, Radylene and my beloved, NIKKOBAU! :D :D

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