Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just proud for GLEE :)

Just finished watching GLEE and I was really touched. Why? I've got 16 reasons for you since it's their 16th episode.

  1. Opening song, Misery is the best. You, rock, Dalton Warblers.
  2. Well, Quinn is being bitchy but at least, she helped Rachel have the will to write the best song I've heard, Get It Right.
  3. Pavarotti died. Kurt sang a solo. Been a long time.
  4. Kurt and Blaine kissed. I was shocked but I liked it. Sexy! haha
  5. Hell to the No! I missed Mercedes.
  6. World War Sue. Sue's kinda blew off. haha
  7. Finn somehow realizes things when it comes to Rachel.
  8. Brittana. Uh, I just hope it won't happen. They're both separately beautiful girls, it'll be a shame if they became lesbian. Especially, Santana.
  9. Dalton Warbler's Raise Your Glass rocked my world today. AWESOME. Candles is an emotional song but i loved it. Finn and Rachel's eyes locked. Ha!
  10. New Directions got VANS as their footwear. AWESOME!
  11. Quinn's getting queasy because Finn keeps on staring at Rachel.
  12. Rachel finally expresses her true feeling and Get It Right made me cry.
  13. People realize that their personality is much like Rachel's.
  14. LOSER LIKE ME is the best! Loved that SLUSHIE cart wheeled in by Mike. And I actually laughed because of Sue's face in the line, "All of the dirt you've been throwing away, it ain't so hard to take. That's right!"
  15. They won and headed off to NYC for Nationals. Cool!
  16. Rachel's MVP and wooooot, GROUP HUG! Awww.
GLEE won't be back until April 12. *sad face* Anyway, we have to give them plenty of times to shoot and write more songs. I super loved GLEE episode and this was the first time I cried while watching the show. Big impact.

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