Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nina Dobrev on Teen Vogue: I Heart You!

Talk about the BEST VAMPIRE GIRLFRIEND ever-- that's Elena Gilbert, we all know in real life as Nina Dobrev. I love her. We all love her, except for those who take sides with Bella Swan. Anyway, you shouldn't forget to buy a copy of Teen Vogue magazine.

Look how simple yet gorgeous-looking she is! I always praise her because she stays down-to-earth even though she's like a superstar nowadays.
"Let's just get this comparison out of the way: Nina Dobrev is the anti-Bella. Coming to greet me on the Atlanta set of The Vampire Diaries—the CW's take on pop culture's trendiest figures of folklore—she's unguarded and unself-conscious, all smiles and hugs. Her trailer vibes of a teenager's bedroom: Fashion magazines, stuffed animals, and shoeboxes fill floor space and various corners. There's a half-drunk bottle of kombucha on the desk, a corkboard of photos of cast-mates and friends, and notes to herself scrawled on a chalkboard-painted wall ("pay bills," reads one)." Read more of that interview HERE. :)
So guys, even thought it's March hiatus once again for Vampire Diaries, don't forget to watch and keep on supporting our idol, Nina! <3

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