Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why i'm desperate to study SCREENSHOT :)

It's a very rare opportunity to be followed by someone you really idolize or like. I'm glad enough to have been followed by one of my Fil-Am crushes, CHARLIE GREEN <3 This is why I'm desperate enough... to treasure something worth remembering. hahaha (shallow ko)

Charlie Green actually is Half-Filipino, Half-English. He often sings classic songs and a big hit in England. I first saw him in ASAP when I was grade 6 and since then, i had a crush on him. He's just a kid in this picture, though.
And now, he's sooooo gwapo! :)
I'm hoping that one day I could meet him in personal, but he's too far away! Anyway, I loved his song with Sarah Geronimo, EWAN.
Well, I'm hoping so much too that his account, @charliegreen is not a poser one. Please! *pretty eyes*. I love you so much, Charlie Green and I'm looking forward to your new album.

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