Thursday, March 10, 2011

I wanna have you, CLARK!

I saw this book being read by Jueann and I wanna read it!!

I always see Mary Higgins Clark's book on booksale but I can't have the chance to buy it. Now that I read this book's plot in it's back cover, I want to experience the power of her hands!
"Real estate agent Lacey Farrell witnesses the murder of a client, Isabelle Waring, in an expensive show home, and just before dying Isabelle tells Lacey that she thinks her killer, psychotic assassin "Curtis Caldwell", is after her late daughter's journal.The novel is based on how the cops find out who assigned Caldwell to kill Isabelle and her daughter with the help of Lacey Farrell."
I so hope I can still locate all her books and it's a good thing she still write until this day. :)

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