Monday, March 14, 2011

Rebecca Black's Friday: WORST SONG! >:|

Well, who wouldn't pay attention in Twitter's Trending Topic. When everyone is buzzing about this Rebecca Black, I opened the tweets about her then I saw that she's the artist of the song, Friday. When I heard it, you can see how sour my face is. Plus, my brother ran up to my room because he can here it and he too, made a sour face.
I mean, i know she's talking about teen party or whatever she wants to do but the song actually made little sense at all. All I can understand is she's talking about the days of a week. Plus, she's the most gruesome Indian-looking girl I ever met. Indians are beautiful and goddess-like but her face! Oh look at that mole she has. Look closely.
Well, I searched about this girl and found out that:
"Eighth grader Rebecca Black Beiber-esque rise to fame over the weekend is giving Tsunami and Jeff Hardy tough competition on Twitter Trends."
Most people consider her song the worst song ever and I think, THEY ARE RIGHT ABOUT THAT.  I mean, WHAT THE HELL? I'm not a Bieber die-hard fan but at least I know that she's never comparable to Justin Bieber unless she has a debut single as good as ONE TIME.
So, If I've got one thing to say to you: GET LOST and go back to your school and have a party of yourself and recite the seven days of a week.

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