Friday, March 11, 2011

26th Coastal Clean Up 2010.

Last September, our school went to the shoreline of Dalahican/Talao-talao to clean out the bay from garbages :) See, we've done something good for nature. Taking pictures is limited since we are working and dipping out legs in the sea. So, these pictures are taken after the clean up :)
We only used Carlo's Nokia phone and the photo quality is really amazing. This picture by the way is depicting Boys Over Flowers. hahaha.
All these 'back' photos started because he took this picture of me while looking at the sea. So, they all took turns to have one too. (I can't find the original picture, this was already edited)
Our trip to Talao-talao actually reminds me of the song WHEN I LOOK AT YOU. haha. It really felt good to have been a little help to our dying nature. You should do some contribution too.

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