Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It was my first time to watch Azkal's game this afternoon. Well, the fool I am! I thought they were playing soccer and I keep saying, "Akala ko ba, football team sila? Eh bakit soccer nilalaro nila?" hahaha. Then, I researched about it and discovered that there are two types of football pala. One is played with the round ball and the other, the oval ball which is played in America. Anyway, i really loved AZKALS! Weeee.
I thought their gonna lose because it's 2-1 but then, the announcer said that even if Mongolia scored, the Philippine team will still win because it's 3-2 in the aggregated score. So, I don't loose much hope :) The game ended and they'll be competing with Myanmar next! Cool! Bad new is, Phil Younghusband is injured... I still hope that he would recover soon and fight with the rest of the team in their upcoming game. Filipino pride! Go AZKALS! I'll be supporting you more and more.

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