Friday, March 11, 2011

Mara Clara: Hello, UTOY! :)

Because of the kidnapping incident, Mara has been tossed away to a place called San Roque. She was saved by a young man named Utoy. But, we haven't seen him in the soap opera yet. Thanks to  STARtriga, we finally met who would play the character.

His name is Carlos Diego Montano, son of Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga. He's 15 years old and a newbie. The article said he is to be Clara's new love interest because Eris is too short for her. And it also said, he could be the one to play Derrick (Christian's competition in the old Mara Clara). Well, I think he's got the bomb to match Albie. haha. And if Eris won't be paired to Clara here, do you suppose he can be the love interest of Jinjin? Could be.

Well, then, Goodluck to you, Diego and i'll be watching out for you every night.

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