Born with the name Joyce Crystel Pantoja Manrique. It's a common name but most people misspell 'Crystel'. I was born on July 18,1995 and currently studying in Quezon National High School.

You can often see me with Jueann, B'anne, Jazz and Adrian. But most frequently, I'm hanging around with my bestfriend, Aline or with my best s1r, Jaiyo :)))))

Texting is so not my thing but twitter to me is EVERYTHING!
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I am most talkative and always animated. I like to gush on almost everything, even the simplest ones. My everyday activities are reading novels, writing on my diary and blogging. Things that I wouldn't pass a day without doing.

-The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen is my favorite novel.
-Logan Lerman is my ultimate Hollywood crush.
-I'm a Lakers fan even though Kobe is so arrogant and annoying.
-I have a thing for bracelets.
-I'm a total GLEEk.
-All-American Rejects is my number one favorite band.
-I love eating little version of mallows (yung piso sa tindahan)
-A lot of people love them but I hate Parokya ni Edgar songs :(
-I'm a big Harry Potter fan :D
-I've never in my life ridden a ferris wheel even if I so want to.
-I love looking up at the moon and size it up even if I already know it's no bigger then my thumb.
-And I have a list of things I wanna fulfill in my life. Number 18 is the most important :)

I am an Extreme Novel Reader. Aspiring Writer. Amateur Blogger and a Sucker for Love. I've got a crush on someone and his name is EarthManyForms ♥