Monday, March 7, 2011

Love you, Eyyyyy!

My bestfriend, Aline, tagged me in this post in Facebook. I thought it's just a song that she likes but then when I heard it, honestly, I cried.

We've been friends since grade three and I was that girl who didn't think much about how important friendship is. When we're high school, I was experiencing a big family problem because my dad lost his job and she's the one that really helped me and understand me. Since then, we became this closed-tight friend who loves to always goof around and hang out. Yeah, the usual friendship stuff.

And I have no idea how much she values our friendship. But when she tagged this video on me, I realized how much she values it. Eyyy, you really are my bestfriend and I promise that I'LL HOLD YOU IN MY HEART FOREVER and I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU. <3

1 comment:

  1. yun yun ehh!!. .:'(
    nu kaya't ayaw ipabasa sa'kin ng nandito sya sa bahay??. .
    luv u 2 forever and always! :**!!