Friday, May 6, 2011

Who's your “A”?

I cried today because of Vampire Diaries' episode 21 but still, I gotta do this blog since I also love this show.

Pretty Little Liars is an ABC Family original series based on Sara Shephard's book series of the same name which premiered last June 8, 2010 but I only started watching last March. Four girls who have recently lost their friend, Alison, one year ago were being hunted by an anonymous texter who calls him/herself “A” and seems to know everything about the girls and trying to frame them up. Check out the trailer:


I think they've picked their characters really well. The main characters: Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are really pretty plus the boys are awesomely handsome.

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) : I think she's the cutest of the four. Though I quite think her character is a bit childish judging from her various collection of things like mugs, chopsticks which she and Ezra have used during their secret dates.

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) One of the beautiful blondes I've seen. I love her outfits in the show as well. If I will be the one to pick a love for her, it will be Lucas. haha. I think they're good together.

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) Kudos to all Pinoys, she's half Filipina. She was my first favorite in the show but hindi na ngayon. haha. Not that I'm criticizing gays but I don't enjoy what she's doing sometimes. I mean, it's the same for the guys out there if they saw a boy-to-boy encounter.

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) She is my ultimate favorite. She's rich and elegant and really intelligent. I like how she answers everything they need to know and she's always got the best plan in the group ( coz Aria's suggestions are sometimes absurd). Plus, she's always in trouble.

It took me a long time to decide who's my favorite loveteam. I am Team Lucas and Hannah but Spencer and Toby happened to be my top one.

This was their first kiss! Kilig na kilig ako. I think Toby is handsome but there are times that he looks ugly. Maybe because of the angle of the camera.

Everytime I see them together, I keep blushing sa sobrang kilig! It's best that Spencer has a boyfriend who understands what really is happening unlike hanging Alex around or Wren that made her rift with her sister worse.

This was from the last episode. Kilig talaga! Toby is super sweet. I just hope they'll keep their loveteam longer. It's quite unfair if Aria is the only one getting that privilege.

My “A” gusses:
  • Ian: because he was involved with Allison before and he tried to kill Spencer.
  • Jenna: she's the creepiest of all. She wants that video from the girls and I think she's jealous with Spencer.
  • Noel: he suddenly turned up at the end of the season finale.
  • Mona: she always turns up in the middle of an important conversation.
  • Alison: remember in the earlier episodes when she was talking about immortality? There's a possibility that she faked her death. I don't know.
I've really no idea who “A” is. There are a lot of questions in my mind: Is Alison really dead? Who is “A”? Is “A” and Alison's murderer the same person? Who pushed Ian? I don't know and it's always hard to guess. I'm hoping they'd unravel more secrets in the upcoming second season of the show set to be released on June 14.  And I hope, I can have the answers to these questions.

Who's your “A”?

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