Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stick Drawings

I've always been a fan of Owl City since first year. Hip-hoppy people call his songs 'mellow' but actually his songs are just sweet and irresistable. I was greeting my friend, Kathricia Tan a happy birthday and I saw her status containing a line from Fireflies. I immediately went to YouTube to listen to my favorite song of him: If My Heart Was A House.  Then, I played Vanilla Twilight next but I saw this fanmade video and I thought it was cute so I chose it instead.

I think she drew those animations she used. It's not a real artists' drawing since she used  stick drawings in the video but I loved how she made it move. Plus, there are written lyrics (using colored pens) that go together with the drawings. Here are my other favorites:


Saltwater Room

Peppermint Winter

See? Even if we use simple things, we can create superb results out of it. If there will be an artistic video competition in YouTube, I'll surely promote her works.

Visit her channel for more Owl City videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/KatieM7

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