Thursday, May 5, 2011


“ConFree” is the combination of two words: Confession and Free Time. That's what built up in my mind after today's bonding with my friends:

We met up today in Cathedral to confess and pray. Erica and I actually thought we're the only ones meeting up but then Jana came along and Aline was allowed by her mom if she paid their cable bill. Yay! So after our confession and prayers, we went outside and just talked by the fountain. This fountain probably is one of the best fountains I've seen yet in my life. I'm totally crazy about fountains :)

Found in Lucena Cathedral
Jana and I
That's Aline of course.

And this is my hair, super dry!

Aline again with her 'flying hair'
Aline (again) and Erica who brought a camera today! Kudos!
I think we were standing there for more than 30 minutes before we've decided where we'll go. The four of us went to 7-11 first but apparently, it's jam-packed so we pick McDonalds instead. And really, we (um, excluding me) ordered those 25-peso meals we can see on TV.

Aline and I on this side of the table
Jana and Erica on the other side
Ecca's empty McFloat plastic cup
Stolen!! My favorite picture today.
Apparently, Jana has to leave because she needs to go to her dad's office and we three were left. We talked about different things on that table. Gossips, most of it. But hey, all high school girls love gossips! Then, we transferred to a table on a corner.

I actually can't remember what we're talking about. haha!

Aline went to Erica and I's side of the table and again, we took pictures. High school girls love taking pictures. We all know that.

Blackberry daw? MyPhone lang yan. haha! But it can fake your eyes. I love Erica's phone. It's really cute!
Aline's the one holding the camera here.
Erica's the one holding it here!
Guess who's the screen saver? MARIO MAURER! <3
Aline transferred back to her original side of the table because "masikip". And it will be a bit awkward if people will look your way and wonder why three people are consuming up only one space when there are plenty of others left.

Okay ka lang?
Okay na okay!
I'm so wicked!
I think I got more pictures that the owner herself. Next time, I won't do that!
Aline trying to get a "serious" stolen capture.
Tweety bird!!
It's almost nine o'clock when we decided to go home, and that's with a lot of persuasion to the both of them. I've never seen both of them being so enthusiastic of just staying there and just talking. Oh well! While waiting for a jeep...

Second favorite picture of the night!
Cutest group picture ever!
Today was actually the first time that I went out with friends this summer and I'm glad that it's an unforgettable day. We didn't do much but we talked a lot and it helped lighten up my spirit. Plus, it feels good to be cleansed off of all the sins you've committed.

I hope y'all are having a good summer too! One month now and we're back to school. Happy summer, though, everyone!

And thanks again to Erica for these photos.

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