Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GLEE Season Two Finale

I've waited for some time to blog about GLEE's season finale since I haven't found any videos yet. Luckily, GleeOnFox uploaded this GLEE-Wind. Perfect!

I was expecting they'd win this time judging from the bitter ending last season but they lost. Bummer, huh? But they still killed it when they performed. I don't know what's the problem of the judges by putting them on the last place. As far as I know, America doesn't care about simple kisses. Anyway, it's about professionalism.

Win or loose, GLEE is still the best musical show ever. And I'm thinking if they won this year, what would be their goal for their senior year? This will make them hungrier. The ending's still good. We had the FinChel kiss. "It's like Superman with a cape." haha

And everyone cheering up for their 12th place trophy!

Can't wait for Season 3! I hope they win next time :)


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