Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playful Kisses!

Have you kissed or been kissed by someone? Well, don't think of a philosophical answer because you know what I mean. Well, I have been kissed by someone, on my cheek. But that was a long time ago and that guy is just my friend.

There are two Korean dramas that I've watched through DVD, Princess Hours/Goong and Boys Over Flowers. This summer, I can't think of anything to watch so I decided to pick Playful Kiss. My friends told me about it before but if you know me personally, I don't buy a series or movie just because it's popular amongst people. It has to suite my taste and catch my attention.

Playful Kiss is a Koreanovela released by MBC and Group 8 which brought us Princess Hours and Boys Over Flowers. It is a Korean version of the Taiwanese drama locally known as It Started With A Kiss here in the Philippines and is based on the Japanese mangga, Itazura na Kiss. The drama stars Kim Hyun Joong (Bake Seung Jo), former member of the male group SS501 and as Ji Hoo in the hit drama, Boys Over Flowers. Jung So Min (Oh Ha Ni) who's known to be a dancer and just starting her career as an actress.

As we all know, the story follows the life of Ha Ni, a girl who's one of the students who get low grades in their school. She's in love with Seung Jo, the smartest and most popular guy on their school. Pretty much a common story, huh? After Ha Ni's and her father's house was destroyed by an earthquake, they moved in to the house of his father's best friend which happened to be Seung Jo's father. Seung Jo's mother instantly liked her since she hasn't got a sweet and loving daughter. As the story goes on, we instantly see that Seung Jo slowly fell for Ha Ni and with Ha Ni not realizing it.

Even if it's a common story, I still liked it. I even liked this version better than the Taiwanese drama. Maybe because it's modernized? Can be. But I think there are more reasons to it:

  • The locations and scenes are well planned and prepared for. That's what I love about Kdramas, they think about the landscape very well.
  • Color grading of the videos is priceless!
  • It's lightweight and fun. They can express their sadness even if they don't cry or their pain by just looking at them through their eyes.The comedies are natural so people appeal to it.
  • Script and conversations are well said. For an impatient person like me, I want frank and straight-up talks. It's a good thing Playful Kiss have it and on other Korean dramas as well. There are times that Taiwan dramas talk too much that it's becoming bland and boring.

As for the comparison between Playful Kiss and Princess Hours. Yes, there are some scenes that quite look like Goong and of course, the teddy bears on each end of episodes. But they have perfectly different stories. And I, as a big fan of Princess Hours knows how to compare other series from it. Anyway, do you think Jung So Min and Yoon Eun Hye have a similarity?

As the title itself, I know everyone expects that it'll have a lot of kisses in it but I wasn't expecting that those kisses will be quite intense. Well, compared to the kissing scenes that I've seen in BOF, they're kind of conservative and I can't even call it a smack. Maybe, Jan Di's just demure or something.

Presenting, the PLAYFUL KISSES!

The first kiss. It was during their graduation party. Joon Gu, Ha Ni's friend and lover for four years, sang for her and Seung Jo got jealous because of that. hehe. This just proves that when guys get agitated and when they feel like they're loosing, they immediately unleash their feelings. First kiss is the best kiss above all, just like having your first love :)

The kiss in a dream but happened to be a real kiss. Ha Ni was sleeping during this part and was dreaming about Seung Jo which she always do. She thought this kiss happened during her dream but as quite dumb as she is, it's a real kiss. Somehow, this was the cutest kiss of all. It reminds me of my personal saying, "sometimes you have to be oblivious to be aware."

The second but third kiss in the rain. Of course, this is my favorite. I even paused it just to capture a screenshot. I think every girl dream of this, it's common yet it's sweet. Again, this is another proof that guys are afraid of loosing the one they love. And would you blame me if I tell you, Kim Hyun Joong is a good kisser? haha

The most hilarious kiss ever. Seung Jo's always been the one to start the kiss. It's funny when Ha Ni starts it. I'm glad they didn't end the series with a wedding, I'd hate that.

I just included this because it was the best back photo they got. It's funny how Seung Jo try his best just to revive Ha Ni from her jealousy in a way that he's being subtle.

The honeymoon. Of course, after the wedding, may honeymoon but I was shocked when I saw this! I really wasn't expecting it and can anyone tell me if Ha Ni was just dreaming about this or if this really happened. But anyhow, it did happen for real, right?

The last kiss. The ending wasn't that eventful but I don't want that either. That's why I think it really needs Part 2! As for this kiss, wala lang. haha. Natatawa lang ako kasi parang momol lang siya. You know, when you're in park inside your car in the dark :))))))))))

MBC said they won't release a part 2 but anyhow, YouTube released a 7-part special edition following their lives after one year of their marriage. It was cute as ever too. And Seung Jo seems sweeter and warmer towards Ha Ni. You can watch the special edition here!

All in all, Playful Kiss is highly recommended especially for young girls out there. It's a good catch to watch!

"When you find something you really like, your heart starts beating fast."
-Oh Ha Ni to Baek Seung Jo :)

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