Thursday, May 19, 2011

Webcam Mania

I'm so puyat last night because I watched Playful Kiss and the truth is... I really can't sleep. I decided in the morning that I wouldn't go to Aline's house because of my tardiness. But then she tweeted about Lay's and I haven't tasted that chip before! It's expensive kasi eh. So, I told her I'd go instead and we'll watch Inception.

Lay's!!! But it's only 20 pesos lang pala. Pahiya! :p

We were on the middle of the movie and we're so taking it seriously. Suddenly, it hanged and it keeps on shifting to other scenes. We tried watching TV shows but nothing seems to suite our taste so we turned to our computers instead. Webcam pictures!!

 Aline's lip singing Get It Right.

And I was looking at the lyrics...

We had videos while we are lip singing. Simply, we were fooling around but I haven't uploaded yet because I'm trying to edit it more. Trying to degrade our nutness. haha!

My first ever wacky pose. I tend to act ladylike and presentable on photos that's why I never pose awkwardly.

Photo of the Day! :) :) :)

I went home at five and dropped by on Delgic first to change the ruined DVD they gave me. Good news is, there are Crazy Little Thing Called Love DVDs available na! I'll buy one next week :)

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