Monday, May 30, 2011

Ang Scrapbook Ni P'Shone.

P'Shone opened his scrapbook...

P’ShoneThis book is so funny but it makes me know how much you have tried.
(I want to tell you that you succeeded since you began to do)

P’Shone: “She looks the same, snow white with dental braces.”
(Answered Pin that she looked the same. Cute as always.)

P’Shone: (Touched her hand for the first time but I had to release it cause other with curious)

P’Shone: (I tasted an apple that I gave you)

P’Shone: (You’ve been better. FIGHT NAM!)

P’Shone: (The first day it was very difficult to grow. One worm.)
“It’s from a friend of mine…”
(Today I gave the rose to Nam. I said it was from my friend, it’s because i’m tight-lipped.)

P’Shone: (Today I saw Top confessed. You know I’m hurt. Why our time never match?)

P’Shone: (Me too, wanted to ride you on my back)

P’Shone: Nam, will you be my girlfriend?

I posted this simply because this was the scene that I cried so HARD. I wasn't even expecting that he was in love with Nam. I was like "Ah! ah! Ang tanga ni P'Shone!" haha. Anyways, be sure to catch it on June 5, 9:40 am on ABS-CBN or buy a DVD copy. I swear it's worth to watch.

This is the song playing while he's opening the scrapbook. Pretty suitable, huh? :)

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