Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Purple is Love, I Love Bieber! x

So, last night was Justin's concert in MOA and I didn't go there since I can't afford the ticket. haha! Actually, I wasn't even expecting that I would react this much about his coming in the Philippines.  I've had a crush on him since One Time but it didn't last long since there are a whole lot of guys out there in Hollywood. But, it didn't fade anyway.

This one's his picture from an interview here in the Philippines. If you found it on YouTube, give me the link please? I'm just happy that he set foot here on the Philippines and that made me feel like he's close to me since he's in my country. I'm glad to those who had a chance to see him in person. And for this lucky One Less Lonely girl:

I'm thinking nalang, I will get the chance to see him one day. Basta, I love you Bieber! :D :D

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