Saturday, May 28, 2011

“The Martin Del Rosario Experience”

I wasn't planning on coming out yesterday to watch the parade or go to any mall shows out there. Apparently, I still went out with Aline and Czam and her cousins. We're supposed to meet up with Paui, Lianne and Kaeremon but we lost each other. Gahhh!

The five of us were standing by our school for like two hours waiting for the parade to start. It even rained. We're so disappointed because we didn't get to see the celebrities. Not until we're almost to Metro that we waited a little bit for them. Yay! We saw Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching :) :) :) We're waving super hard that we can't concentrate on taking pictures. Ang gwapo kasi ni Kris eh!!

After they passed, we went to Metro Gaisano to watch Coleen Garcia and Martin Del Rosario's mall show. Czam wanted to see Coleen and Aline was gushing so much to see Martin. haha! We stood in there for one hour, waiting for them. Grabe! As in we're aching all over but we remain patient until we see them! Pretty Coleen singing “The Story of Us”

But everyone of us hyped so much when Martin came out. He's sooooooo handsome in personal. Even Czam got a crush on him!

After the show was the autograph signing but we didn't make it kasi tapos na daw :( We're so near the stage at the moment that we're so disappointed. But luck is in front of us because when they got off the stage, we were waiting near the backstage just to give Martin the list of our twitter usernames written on a circle cardboard we plucked out. He's so nice to grab it from us! Kilig much?

The day's almost over for Czam, Aline, Michelle, Hannah and I. We're there at the Zagu stand drinking when suddenly there're this commotion. Martin and Coleen were lead by the guards to eat on Gerry's Grill. Desperate as it seems but we ran to them. It's a once in a lifetime experience you know. We're so near to him but Aline and I can't speak. So Czam was the one talking and asking him to tweet us when he got home. We can't believe we're having that conversation with him. As in.

Uwian na! But like stalkers, we went by Gerry's Grill to see them for the last time. Oh diba? haha. You can't believe how high we were last night because of this experience. It's like a dream come true for us. Finally we got his tweets for us this morning :D

Swerte lang ni Aline because Martin knew her the day before the show.

Feeling like we're the luckiest girls ever :)))))

And the best tweet of all (kahit baligtad yung username ko. haha!)

Thank you so much for coming here Martin! Even if it's just yesterday that I've got a crush on you, I am one of the fans who're supporting Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and admiring your talent. I swear! Good luck on your career and stay as sweet as you are today.


  1. Speechless :) Kahit wala ako dun. Naiinggit ako gawa ni BERTO. Hahaahah

  2. FYI, nakakakilig naman, tumingin si Mat\rtin! sino kaya nag-pictire nun?!! HmmmmppP! HAHAHAHAHA!