Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The Coconut (Ang Niyog) is the official paper of my school, Quezon National High School. And mind you, it is not just an ordinary school paper. They have screening every summer for new staffers of their publication composing of aspiring writers from third years and fourth years. They only select the best among the best. Why? Because every year they bag awards from National Press Conference (NSPC). A lot of awards, fyi.

Why so serious?!

Well, I joined the screening last Monday. I am a Feature Writer and I'm proud to tell you (though I don't boast much about it) that I am once a NSPC winner when I was in elementary. It is my dream to be in this publication because it is one of the most famous papers in Southern Tagalog. But eventually, I wasn't accepted. Maybe because I didn't put all my effort. Or maybe they didn't like my work. Or maybe, my skills are rusting. But nevertheless, I'll try out again next year. Malay mo, diba? Think positive.

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