Friday, April 1, 2011

Movie afternoon

My bestfriend, Aline and I decided to watch movies today because:
QOTD: "Nakaipon ako ng 300. Tamo! sabi ko sa'yo eh, makakaipon ako."
We went to Delgic and picked three movies-- Easy A, Tangled and Never Let Me Go. I've already watched Never Let Me Go but she insisted to buy it. Most of our classmates said Tangled is a nice movie. And I got to choose Easy A since I haven't finished it yet.

We actually watched Never Let Me Go last. I love this movie because it has a sad ending. I don't know how Aline liked this movie though. It's my second time to watch it so I didn't cry.

Oh, Tangled. It's really funny. Favorite line: "I wanna get out of your hair-literally." We keep laughing during the whole movie. And I keep remembering my classmate, Nikko, while watching it because of the horse named Max. It was nice and catchy but I grew up knowing Rapunzel's story that's why it didn't made so much difference.

We actually watched Easy A first but Imma write it on a separate blog because it was our favorite for the day :D

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