Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aj x Lauren, Collectively known as "AjRen"

In the past few weeks, I was thinking about a show in ABS where I first saw Aj Perez. Finally, Wikipedia came into my mind then I searched about him. Of course, it is still hard to believe that he's already gone. Anyways, I found out that the title of the that Sunday teen flick show is "Abt Ur Luv". I really am addicted to that show. haha. It started on 2006 and ended on 2008. See? It's a successful show for it lasted for two years.

I have favorite loveteams in the show: Rickson and Gisselle, Aldred and Valeen but my favorite--honestly!--is Josh (Aj Perez) and Nelle (Lauren Young). Their love team is collectively know as "AjRen". They are each other's first loveteam when they started in showbiz and became really close like brothers and sisters (sana naging lovers nalang sila.. aw!)

Photo from Lauren Young's Tumblr acct.
Photo from Lauren Young's Tumblr acct.
Since I miss this love team, I searched YouTube of videos from the show. Luckily, I found this account of a fan of Lauren's who have a collection of the "AjRen" moments in Abt Ur Luv. Thanks, lovelyday8! Visit her channel to see the videos.

So, I saw Lauren's Tumblr post about Aj and it made me cry. They've been love team in a lot of shows and it's very heartbreaking to loose someone you've been with for the most part of your life.

"Its 6 in the morning and I’m still wide awake. Memories of AJ are passing through my mind. I’ve never lost anyone in my life, up until now. I met AJ when I was 11 years old. We we’re both at ABS-CBN auditioning for Star Magic. He was wearing a green jacket and was just sitting in a corner with a smile on his face. AJ was my first ever love team for my whole showbiz career. I remember our kilig scenes from Abt Ur Luv. Our fans called us “Ajren”. I remember whenever we had mallshows we would sit beside each other during those long trips and just talk. We would listen to music and just sing the whole time. The first song he would ALWAYS play would be Sugar we’re going down by Fall Out Boy. It was our favorite band. We even watched the concert together with Dino, Chris, Megan and Alex. My friend Alex caught the guitar pick that night and I remember grabbing it from her hand and shoving it in AJ’s face and then I dropped it on the floor. For 15 minutes we we’re on the floor of Araneta trying to find that stupid little thing. We even went to Singapore for taping one time, and for the whole trip he was my buddy. He would carry around my bag if I promised to buy him ice-cream. Which I never did.. Hahaha. He even helped me pick out my first ever Nike shoes. Ung nauuso pa lang ung dunks. Then during the night we would all get together with the rest of the cast and drink hot chocolate and play games. For our last night in Singapore we all slept in one room we ended up staying up all night just dancing and talking. Back in the Philippines pag maaga natatapos taping namin we would all just hang out. Go to Greenhills or Eastwood and just watch movies. I remember he even celebrated his 15th or 16th birthday with us at Eastwood right after taping. We all got our ears pierced, except him and just played games the whole night at Power Station.
AJ is my brother, my friend, my loveteam. I grew up with this kid. I told him my secrets and he told me his. My whole family thought he was the sweetest ever, and he still is.
Everything is a total shock to all of us. I still can’t believe what happened, and I don’t want to believe it. For me AJ still lives on. He will forever be in my heart. I love you AJ and may your soul rest in peace." --Lauren's post
I guess he didn't leave an unfinished business on Earth because he had already proven that he's one of the best young actors Filipinos witnessed. I hope he's in peace now and happy somewhere with the embrace of the Lord.

As for the "AjRen" loveteam, I can say that they will always be the number one young love team I saw and even though they didn't start a real-life relationship, they made people realize that great love is not  just for lovers, mostly it is for friends.

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