Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Happened To Filipino Movies?

We all love Filipino movies. Especially those with love stories and heartbreaking dialogues that warm our hearts and make us cry. Personally, my favorites are: My Big Love, Forevermore and One More Chance. Who would also miss those with superheroes booming in front of the big screen with their name shining on their chest? And of course, the comedy films that tickle our stomaches. But sometimes--and this is my observation--most of the films are all about those stories. It keeps on being repeated and we always see those happy endings. Isn't it a bit tiring?

Where are those action movies? Have they all died away with FPJ? Those exciting gun shooting and incredible stunts?

Ang Padring
Agila ng Maynila
The last best horror films I've watched (and the only ones that really frightened me) were Feng Shui and Sukob. Do you think so too?

Kris Aquino in Feng Shui
Kris Aquino and Claudine Baretto in Sukob
And where are those heavy drama films like those with after-life plots or a soul still on Earth because he still has a mission to do or he's afraid to accept the fact that he's dead... like Kahit Isang Saglit?

Of course, the history-woven movies with wars and lifes of the Filipinos during the Spanish periods. And that includes boasting about the success Baler has made.

Remember the news last November about Harry Potter 7 Part 1 bombing it in the Philippine box office and beating the sales of other previously shown successful Pinoy films? Really, it was a shame like a slap on the face to have an international film beat our own. Why? Because, as I've said earlier, we stick too much in love stories and comedies which are less appealing to people nowadays. In this kind of situation, people needs exciting stories and breath taking actions.

This is why I suggest, that we bring back those kind of films. I'm not saying that producers should remake them. I am saying that writers should craft stories with those kind of themes which I think will make Philippine movies worthy to watch and maybe, grab an award from international sectors. They are the ones in power to rise the film industry from it's falling standard. Merely, I am just a simple patronizer who wants to share my opinion. And I hope--with fingers crossed--that this will appeal to them.

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