Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Walk To Remember...

Went to Aline's house today (and bailed on our reunion meeting. ooopsss!) and watched a few DVDs that I bought in Delgic. The DVDs are: I Am Number Four, A Walk To Remember and The Roommate. The first two, I have watched already while the last one, we weren't able to watch today because it's already late. My favorite today of course was, A Walk To Remember although I didn't cry anymore since I've already watched it for the third time.

This probably is the best movie of Mandy Moore and she's really beautiful here. Shane West is handsome though his nose is not so cute. But all in all, their acting was perfect. The best part was the Spring play. One thing I won't forget in this movie is:
Landon: "Jesus!" Reverend: "No, Jamie's father."
Nicholas Sparks' books are always best-selling, so are the movies when they were adapted in big screen. Like; Dear John, The Last Song and The Notebook. A Walk To Remember is an old movie actually-2002-but it's my second favorite next to Dear John. I think it's one of the best love stories ever witnessed in Earth's time. You think so?


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