Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Truth About Forever

Last week, I downloaded various pdfs of Sarah Dessen's books and I've first read The Truth About Forever. I finished it last night or should I say this morning at 2am that's why I woke really late and didn't come to school (my friends told me they didn't do anything except take pictures with our English teacher).

Before I state what I learned about this book, I really want to say that Macy and Wes are "nakakakilig". They're still in high school yet their love story is not just an ordinary teen stories out there. You know, the ones that are shallow, showy, etc. Their's is really deep and their situation is very challenging since they're both in a break. They got to know each other by playing Truths and because of that, they realized that it is not their breaks that's on hold, it's the two of them. I'm glad that they end up with each other. My theme song for them is Learning by Green River Ordinance.

I totally relate myself into this book because I also try to be perfect like Macy, the main protagonist. But not in the way that I am grieving for someone or making my parents proud and satisfied of my actions but because I wanted to impress myself and I honestly have this flaw called insecurity. Because of this book, I realized that sometimes being imperfect makes you have the things that you want and you'll never learn anything when all that's in front of you is planned.

Secondly, I, myself doesn't understand what forever really means. Or even less, what others mean about it. Maybe that's why I'm afraid to use that word. The last paragraph of the book somehow made me realize that,
"That was the thing. You just never knew. Forever was so many different things. It was always changing, it was what everything was really all about. It was twenty minutes, or a hundred years, or just this instant, or any instant I wished would last and last. But there was only one truth about forever that really mattered, and that was this: it was happening. Right then, as I ran with Wes into that bright sun, and every moment afterwards. Look, there. Now. Now. Now."
I guess it's true. Forever is happening in this moment and you are the only one who'd stop it if you want to. That it is never constant and you don't plan anything. You'll just let fate bring you to the changes it has for you. And maybe, just maybe, when you think that forever is enough, you'd be the one to stop it and not the things that surround you. Simply put, forever is always a choice.

What is forever to you?

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