Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tunay Na Lalake

You probably know this famous blogspot called Tunay Na Lalake. They already have three million followers and as the blog title depicts, it is a blog about what boys do and their perspective of life. I am an easily offended girl. Boys are often my biggest enemy but I found myself enjoying their blogs even if some of them are quite explicit. What I love best is their "Manifesto ng Tunay Na Lalake"

As far as I've read, they often blog about famous guys, maybe in politics or in show business which they judge if their TNL (Tunay Na Lalake) or DTNL (Di Tunay Na Lalake). And not just boys, there are few women celebrities who are blogged in here that they ridicule in a very positive way that you'll really have a huge laugh (not if you idolize that person)

If you're humorless, taking life too seriously, conservative or too religious, you might as well not visit this blog so as not to be offended. But if you just wanna have fun, visit especially if you are a boy. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

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