Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Things I'll Miss This Summer

Summer, apparently is the most boring part of my life. I don't go to beaches and pools because my mom doesn't like them. I don't get to hang out much with my classmates because I have no allowance when it's vacation. And, I get to stay in the house and either sleep, surf or read books.

And there are 10 things I would miss this summer:

1. My bestfriend, Aline who lives almost a kilometer away from me.

2. My all of the time companions: Jueann, Brigette, Jana, Jazz and Adrian.

3. My first year classmates I-AV(ESEP A) and Mrs. Araceli Valle. Arcelinian Schivalle <3

4. MHCC (Mary Help of Christians Crusade) brothers and sisters and all those conventions we had..

5. Jana's birthday celebration. hahaha. I kinda enjoyed that day. July 19,2010

6. My II-CSA(ESEP A) classmates. They're probably the most cooperative people I've met and one of the bests.

7. My best s1r, Jaiyo :))

8. The T-shirt store we had at QNHS last March during STCAA (unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to buy a single shirt)

9. Our HUMAN LCD practice for our super amazing and extravaganza opening during the STCAA program.

10. And lastly, this person who became a big part of my sophomore year. Without this person I would've missed the experience of feeling my heart flutter and smile.

I do hope I'd enjoy my summer this year. I hope so...

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