Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Loriens for the WIN!!

I watched I Am Number Four just today. Ah! I've been routing for it since February.

Despite the negative reviews of the critics, it still gained a box office in the cinemas and earned about $120,000,000 worldwide.  This movie is a bomb, really! I know, aliens are same old stories in our planet but I Am Number Four is pretty unique.

Let's start with Teresa Palmer (The Sorcerer's Apprentice) who we all know as Number Six. When I first saw her in Sorcerer's Apprentice, I thought she's a lame actress. But she bombed out in this movie. She's pretty amazing.

Callan McAuliffe (Flipped) I'm actually shocked when I saw him here. I watched Flipped just last year and it was November. He looks like a ten-year old kid in that movie but all of a sudden he's very grown up and handsome and he now know how to drive a car. He's way handsome with the brown hair, fyi.

Dianna Agron (GLEE) Oh, she well deserve to be the Best Female Breakthrough of 2011. I mean, her role in GLEE is the popular queen-bee type. But here, she's just the Sarah Hart who takes picture of people and known to be just a simple part of the crowd.

Alex Pettyfer (Stormbreaker, Wild Child) And Alex, too, well deserve to be the Best Male Breakthrough Actor. I'm quite impressed with his ability to cry. He can express his emotions well especially on action scenes.

While watching the movie, I just stare speechless during the fight scenes. One factor is, the Mogadorians are creepy-looking. The other factor is, I thought they're all gonna die.

I enjoyed the movie so much. My two hours is worth it. I am one-hundred percent sure there's a sequel because they have to find the other Loriens to be able to beat their enemy and I've read it in Wikipedia. I do hope John will be able to come back for Sarah. It's a shame he didn't tag Sarah along with him. Anyway, I understand the fact that there are plenty of consequences.

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