Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why do i love Vampire Diaries?

Talk about vampires... first thing that comes into my mind is my favorite vampire-series... VAMPIRE DIARIES :)

I started watching this just this year due to my curiosity.. My bestfriend, Aline, talks about it. She says it's amazing and at the same time, thrilling.. Well, she's right. And really i became addicted.

I like how the story and the situations revolve. And i so love the characters, their attitudes. First on the list is Stefan (Paul Wesley), he's really sweet and he's not much of an exaggerative boyfriend to Elena. Elena (Nina Dobrev) is very cute and she knows when to break up with Stefan especially when her family is at risk. Plus, Nina Dobrev amazed me because she can  play two different characters with very different traits. You know, playing the innocent Elena and the bitchy Katherine. Hahaha.

What amaze me more is Damon (Ian Somerhalder) At first, i thought he's the always-serious bad guy. But really, i laugh during the show because of his humor. And it's really amazing seeing him cry on some episodes.

Another thrilling thing is having werewolves, common vampire enemies and of course, witches and warlocks!

And what makes the show more alive are the songs! Down by Jason Walker, Back To Me by All-American Rejects and a lot more... I almost put them all on my playlist. Hahaha.

Season two is currently running. It's Year of the Kat. I pretty much want it to be Thursday already because i'm getting more excited. Well, i hope you love the show too :)

Game on, Elena.

And for updates visit their official site:

Let the right one in or else you've got a vampire for a house guest.

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