Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jose Mari's Graduation :)

One year ago, my brother: JOSE MARI MANRIQUE, graduated from Grade 6. I don't have a laptop back then so I wasn't able to blog about this :p This was taken at our Lola's house in RGR.

Pre-graduation stuff:

 This is my ESEP day badge.

Took a picture of books, borrowed and owned.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Borrowed from Ysabelle Cuevas :) Thanks, gal! I've read it two times. I really loved it.

 Here we are, Jose Mari and me.

While JM's dressing, Daniel and I are fooling around xD:

 That's Daniel and me. Daniel's wearing the graduation cap. Hahaha

Lady Gaga-inspired?! 

He looks cute here. Who's pompom is that, anyway? 

Nerd much?

And that was me. I'm ashamed of my self.

After Jose Mari's done... here we go again:

And he's leaving now to attend his graduation:

He's not an honor student, but i'm proud he's not any other guy out there who doesn't care about their studies.

And yeah, i'm so proud of you, FREAK! :D :D Love ya! Hahaha

-jasha xo

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