Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mara Clara: From Youngsters to Hotsters :p

Everybody is really Mara Clara addicted. When it first started on October 28, 2010... well, I never really care about it. But when my classmates started buzzing about it, i guess you already know what happened to me. Hehehe.

John Vladimir Manalo:

The chubby cutie. Hahaha

Turned out to be one of the hottest guy in showbiz. Gwapoooo! (I think, my friend CZAM likes him) Yay!

Julia Montes:

Originally known as 'Mara Montes' (the one in the nurse's uniform)

Now, one of ABS-CBN's celebrated beauty.

Allan Benedict 'Albie' Lee CasiƱo:

From this debut look with bangs and stuffs,

To this handsome piece of Earth. Yay!

And of course, the new Primetime princess, Kathryn  Chandria Bernardo:

Cute and lively as ever,

Transformed as a simple, yet irresistable dazzling teen...

And the four of them in this Bench billboard in Manila (i dunno where 'coz i don't live there.)

What i like about Mara Clara is the modernized yet unaltered plot. It's the same story but the good thing is they didn't change much. And I should say the love story of Mara and Christian is not just an ordinary teen flick one. They express their true feelings instead of other stories with the 'pa-keme' effect.

And actually, Albie and Kathryn have chemistry. Yay! I hope they would be for real in the coming years. Well, i do know that they're too young (blah blah blah) That's why i said in the coming year.. hahaha

Sooooo that's it.. keep watching Mara Clara and I'm sure the story is getting bigger and better. I really hope that the show would continue until their high school graduation. And i hope that Mara and Christian will have dates during their upcoming summer. Hahaha.

P.S. Credits to picture owners!


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