Sunday, February 6, 2011

Abe Maruya!

It's a good thing I started Monday with a smile...

First time I had a huge laugh in our Science Class. Weeee. First thing, Jazz's answer in one of the word cryptogram in our module is 'nuclutude'. Hahaha. I mean, it's not good to laugh at somebody who got something wrong but in our class, I think it's one way of enjoyment. Then my teacher, I like the way she pronounced evidence as 'ih-vi-denz'.. No! I'm not mocking her or insulting her... i just like that. Pretty much part of our Filipino accent.

Next stop, is my Geometry class after lunch break. My teacher doesn't like anyone chewing bubble gum or eating candies during her class. Jueann gave me a Maxx candy--which I really love--not knowing that it's almost time. So, at the same time I placed it on my mouth... my teacher arrived. I laughed so hard that I almost spat my candy out. Gross!

Last thing is, everyone in my class loves the new invention of our creative cook in our Annex Canteen. They call it 'violet' at first. Well, you see, it's made of 'malagkit' rice plus buko and it's color violet. But then, we called it 'maruya' which i think is wrong. I mean, isn't a 'maruya' made up of bananas or sweet potatoes sticked together by flour? I really dunno. Anyway, back to the story... since everyone loves this stuff, we started singing: "Maruya, Abe Maruya!"( I think you've heard that song from the movie 200 Pound of Beauty) whenever we want to buy one. Good thing it's only five pesos. Hahahaha.

That's it. A little shallow though, but i think a whole happy Monday can make my week peaceful and enjoyable. One last GOOD thing is, we'll be having irregular classes because of the upcoming preparation of our school for STCAA. So much fun.

Some other time again, jasha xo!

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