Friday, February 25, 2011

Caroline sings Eternal Flame :)

You wouldn't know how much frustrated I was that Vampire Diaries will be gone for another month. April 7 -- that's a long time :( Plus, Isobel's back. Oh, that selfish mother of Elena's! And Matt and Caroline aren't for good because Jonas tried to kill him and Caroline has to let Matt suck her blood to keep him from dying which leads to Caroline telling him the truth. And he's afraid and he wouldn't listen to her because he thinks Caroline is the one responsible for Vicki's death. UGH!

But, the only good thing tonight was this:

Caroline sings Eternal Flame here to express how much she loves Matt. She has good voice. Super! I just don't know if it really is her voice and i do hope so! So sweet! I came to appreciating Eternal Flame because of her! Awwww.

I do hope that everything will be settled for Caroline and Matt. I don't want her ending up with that scum coward dog, Tyler.

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